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1. Executive Summary of overall project including scope, time and cost.. (one page and a half) create figures attached to the document to show costs and time. numbers are attached in excel file below. 

2. Discussion of the project team and skill set needed to complete the project (one page) (six people scenario)

3. Discussion of the activities needed to close-out the project (one page) also create a scenario). 


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Project Scenario: Your group comprises the Information Technology and Services Department of a large vehicle rental company. The company rents all sorts of vehicles including cars, light-duty trucks, vans, SUVs, and small buses. There are over 25,000 vehicles in the fleet spread among more than 100 locations throughout the continental United States; each location typically has 200+ vehicles at any given time. Your company has an excellent database that tracks vehicle rentals, locations, vehicle descriptions, whether a vehicle is operational or not, and the like. Your company also performs the maintenance on its own vehicles and has vehicle maintenance histories integrated with this database. There is a maintenance and repair facility at each rental location. All the record keeping and reports have been well designed and work well. As might be expected, the maintenance of such a fleet is a massive undertaking. The normal scheduled maintenance represents a large investment of time and money and the on-the-road breakdowns and repairs are significant costs as well. The CEO of the company is very concerned about the rising maintenance costs and recently attended a large expo where the latest technical hardware and software gadgets related to vehicle maintenance were on display. On the Monday after her return, she called your team into her office. She was very excited about all the things she had seen and had come up with a great idea to reduce fleet maintenance costs. One of the demonstrations she attended included a real-time automated vehicle monitoring system. The system consisted of on-board vehicle sensors that monitored things like oil pressure, engine temperature, tire pressure, coolant level, brake quality, emissions, and many other things including oil quality. She thinks this technology is the basis for a solution to considerably reduce maintenance costs – even the savings generated by only having to change the oil when it was really needed versus every 3000 miles would be tremendous! In addition to that, the ability to monitor many aspects of each vehicle’s condition should produce a big reduction in breakdown calls. She knows there would still have to be some scheduled maintenance (like tire rotations) but the capability to perform on-demand maintenance has the potential to produce significant cost savings. The more she talked the more excited she became! Your team thinks this is a great idea but you are a bit concerned about the technological details. You want to know if this on-demand maintenance system should be integrated with the scheduled maintenance system; she says she doesn’t care but it might be helpful to the overall operation if it was. You want to know if the sensors to read the real-time data from the vehicles should be put in some sort of “sensor arch” that the vehicles have to drive through, or whether the information should be transmitted such that it is available to the maintenance facility whenever the vehicle is anywhere on the lot, or even if the information should be available wherever the vehicle is (and perhaps integrated with a GPS tracking system as well); she says she doesn’t care. You want to know if the system should be sophisticated enough to try to tell XXX Project Cost Estimate Prepared by: Date: Note: Change the WBS items and other entries to meet your project needs. Also make sure the formulas work properly based on the data you enter. # Units/Hrs. Cost/Unit/Hr. WBS Items 1. Project Management 1.1 Project manager 960 $100 1.2 Project team members 1920 $75 Contractors (10% of software development and testing) 2. Hardware 2.1 Handheld devices 100 $600 2.2 Servers 4 $4,000 3. Software 3.1 Licensed software 100 $200 3.2 Software development* 4. Testing (10% of total hardware and software costs) 5. Training and Support 5.1 Trainee cost 100 $500 5.2 Travel cost 12 $700 5.3 Project team members 1920 $75 6. Reserves (20% of total estimate) Total project cost estimate * See software development estimate Subtotals WBS Level 1 Totals % of Total $306,300 20% $76,000 5% $614,000 40% $69,000 $202,400 5% 13% $253,540 $1,521,240 17% $96,000 $144,000 $66,300 $60,000 $16,000 $20,000 $594,000 $69,000 $50,000 $8,400 $144,000 $253,540 * Software development Contractor labor estimate Project team member estimate Total labor estimate Function point estimate External inputs External interface files External outputs External queries Logical internal tables Total function points Java 2 languange equivalency value Source lines of code (SLOC) estimate Productivity *KSLOC^Penalty (person months) Total labor hours (160 hours/month) Cost/labor hour ($120/hour) Total software development estimate 3000 1920 $150 $75 Quantity Conversion Factor 10 4 3 7 3 5 3 4 6 10 30.27 4,842.55 $120 581,106 $450,000 $144,000 $594,000 Function Points 40 21 15 12 60 148 46 6,808
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