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Answer ONLY 1 of the following questions.  (Significant points will be deducted for answering more than one question).  Number your answer.  Your answer should be approximately 500-600 words.  Use as many of the terms and concepts covered in the readings and class discussions to show what you have learned when writing your answers. This essay should be written entirely in your own words.  DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES FROM THE TEXTBOOK or OUTSIDE RESOURCES. This means that you will not copy more than 3 words in a row from any written resource. Cited or not, direct quotes will result in a zero score for the final exam.  However, all ideas provided from outside resources need to be cited. In other words, cite all your sources for information that is paraphrased and for ideas taken from outside sources. You will need a cover sheet and a References page (not to be included in the word count requirements).

Choose one of the following issues to discuss thoroughly.

1) Explain the concept ‘political economy’ using development in third world countries as an example. This means discuss the political economy (after defining it) using specific LDCs(Zambia) as examples.

2) What are the various strategies used to stimulate third world economies, land reform, neo-classical approaches, ISI, EOI, to name a few? Give examples of the implementation of several of these strategies using LDCs (Zambia) we’ve discussed in class.  Explain why YOU prefer one over the others.

3) What is the role of the state in stimulating and regulating economic growth, inequality, and the consequences of future growth for the environment?  Be sure to give detailed rationales and examples in your answers.

The Final Exam is due on Sunday March 17, 2013 at 11:59pm.  No exams submitted AFTER that day and time will be accepted for grading.

Final Exam Grading Rubric = 150 points

List of requirements

Points allocated

Points earned


Writing: Meets minimum length requirements of 500-600 words of meaningful ideas, using proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and clarity of meaning. APA formatting was used and no direct quotes were used.



Content:   Explains all portions of the question.  Information is clear, accurate, and supported with evidence.



Understanding:  Uses own words to show understanding, and uses examples for clarity.

7.5 points each – 30 points




150 points



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