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  • Select the appropriate area of licensure and view the video submission. 
  • Complete the Rubric and Commentary templates and submit through LiveText. 

Instruction Rubric template (Rubrics #6-10):

  • Mark the performance level you have chosen for each rubric.  
  • Then type the justification for your choice in the brackets [ ] above each rubric.
  • Justification should match rubric content and include specific examples from the video.

Instruction Commentary:

  • Type your responses between the brackets [ ] using Arial 11-point font and single space with 1” margins on all sides. 
  • No hyperlinked content is permitted. 
  • Incorporate academic language in complete sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Refer to specific examples and time stamps in the video clips. 

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Elementary Education
Task 2: Instruction Commentary

Respond to the prompts below (no more than 6 single-spaced pages, including prompts) by typing your responses within the
brackets following each prompt. Do not delete or alter the prompts. Commentary pages exceeding the maximum will not be
scored. You may insert no more than 2 additional pages of supporting documentation at the end of this file. These pages
may include graphics, texts, or images that are not clearly visible in the video or a transcript for occasionally inaudible portions.
These pages do not count toward your page total.

1. What lesson topic is shown in the video clip(s)?
[In the video clip, we see students and their teacher learning about sequencing.]
2. Promoting a Positive Learning Environment
Refer to scenes in the video clips where the teacher candidate provided a positive learning
a. How did s/he demonstrate mutual respect for, rapport with, and responsiveness to
students with varied needs and backgrounds, and challenge students to engage in
Promoting a positive learning environment is the first step that every teacher must
ensure that they have achieved during a class to ensure that all the students have gained the
most they could in a session. A positive learning environment is created, and the instructor or
teacher plays the most prominent role. The main advantage of creating a positive learning
environment is to make everybody, including the learners and the teacher to enjoy the session,
meaning they will benefit as it was required.
As mentioned earlier, a positive learning environment is created. Creating such a
situation involves deploying an effective strategy or several strategies jointly. The most effective
ways include installing mutual respect among the participants, encourage responsiveness and
rapport with one another, and the instructor should be able to boost engagement during the
session. In the video clip, the teacher has promoted positive learning through the strategies
shown below.
The teacher has demonstrated mutual respect towards all her students, thus setting a
good example for everybody else to follow her footsteps. For instance, at the beginning of the
video, she asked her students to share their thoughts about sequencing. A student sitting at the
front gave a suggestion that was not correct, and the teacher corrected him appreciatively and
respectfully while smiling. All the students are seen sharing ideas among themselves in a
respectful way while requested to do so.
The teacher is interacting with the students in the right way in the sense that they tune
the idea of handling things that are close to that of her students. In other words, she has
successfully created a rapport with the students. For in...

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