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1 Health Care Career Paper Instructions HSC 0003, Introduction to Healthcare Health Sciences and Related Studies Medical Campus Miami Dade College Topic The purpose of this paper is for students to research, learn and write about specific elements of a health care worker’s career. Students are recommended to choose the health care worker in the field they are planning to enter. Examples of paper topics include: Registered Nurse; Diagnostic Medical Sonographer; Physician Assistant; Pharmacy Technician; Massage Therapist or Radiographic Technologist. The Miami Dade College Campus’s (Medical Campus) Library has resources dedicated to these careers. Do not choose physicians or dentists as a topic as this paper is not designed for those careers. Format    The required format is APA 6th ed. o Using MS Word, the paper is to be neat, and well organized using correct spelling and grammar, o Students need to use the information and resources located MDC Learning Resources Website at http://www.mdc.edu/library. There you will at Search Resources, go to the Subject Guide, on the dropdown menu select Health and Medicine, then scroll down to HSC 0003 Health Care Career Paper. There is an APA 6th ed style Microsoft Word Template for you to use for this paper. A Cover Page o In APA 6th ed. format o All pages are numbered Body of the Report o In APA 6th ed. format o No abstract or introduction o The body length is three to five pages. No less than 3 and not to exceed 5 pages. o New Times Roman, 12-point font o One inch margins o Double spaced o Left justification o No lists, bullets, graphics, tables or pictures o Work is to be expressed in paragraph form only HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 2014, PL) 2  References Page o The title is References not Works Cited or Bibliography o Indicate the exact source of the specific information used in the paper by citing all references on the reference page. o Only references cited in the paper with in text citations are to be included on the reference page. o Include a minimum of six different sources of information (books, professional journal articles, electronic sources, websites, etc.). o Wikipedia is not acceptable as a reference Plagiarism The health care career paper is to be the student’s original work. Plagiarism is the improper borrowing of another person's words, ideas, or methods. If you use another person's material, you must acknowledge your source. When you cite a source properly, you have given credit where it is due, and you have also given your readers a way to locate the original material on their own. But, there is more than that to plagiarism. Copying material directly without placing it between quotation marks, even if you provide the source, is an act of plagiarism. HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 2014, PL) 3 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE MEDICAL CAMPUS HSC 0003, INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CARE COURSE PROJECT: HEALTH CARE CAREER WRITTEN PAPER GRADING RUBRIC 20% of overall course grade CONTENT AND APA CITATION (90% of written paper grade) I. JOB DESCRIPTION  Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional, (used correct APA ciations)  Describe the limits of authority and responsibility legislated “scope of practice” for this health care career. (used correct APA citations)  Describe the “Code of Ethics” for this health care occupation (used correct APA citations) II. EDUCATION /REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION  Describe the requirements for the profession/occupation (using correct APA citations)  Identify at least two different types of educational institutions/schools offering the program. (using correct APA citations)  State how much time it takes to complete the program (using correct APA citations)  Describe the approximate cost for each of the educational institutions required using correct APA citations) (using correct APA citations)  What degree or certification that can be earned for this health care career (using correct APA citations)  Identify the professional certification or registration required (using correct APA  citations) III. EMPLOYMENT  What is the job availability for this profession? (using correct APA citations)  Growth trends in the field (using correct APA citations)  Number of jobs advertised locally for example in the Sunday Herald or other publication (using correct APA citations)  Is experience required? explain (using correct APA citations)  Salaries - Entry level and with experience (using correct APA citations)  Advancement Opportunities, with or without additional education (using correct APA citations) HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 2014, PL) 4 IV. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES  Local/State/National Professional Organizations (cost to join as a student) (using correct APA citations)  Professional journals with address and cost. (using correct APA citations)  Are Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required for this profession? If so how many and how often (using correct APA citations)  Describe ways that members of a professional organization can gain continuing education requirements and earn CEUs (using correct APA citations) V. REFLECTION / PERSONAL CAREER PLAN  Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession.  Describe a personal career plan for you to enter this field. Include goals, objectives and strategies. SOURCES, ORGANIZATION, FORMAT, SPELLING & GRAMMAR (10% of written paper grade) SOURCES OF INFORMATION  At least 6 substantial references are used. They may include: books; professional journal articles; and web sites.  All references are correctly cited on the Reference page in correct APA 6th ed format. ORGANIZATION, FORMAT, SPELLING, GRAMMAR  Well organized, with each section containing appropriate content  Double spaced, 12-pt font size, 1” margins.  Body of paper 3 - 5 pages with separate cover page and reference page.  Correct spelling and grammar. HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 2014, PL)
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A Registered Nurse - Outline

Job Description
A. Services Provided by a Registered Nurse
B. Limits of Authority and Responsibility
C. Codes of Ethics


A. Certification
B. Registration
C. Education


A. Availability of Jobs in the Profession
B. Growing Trend in Nursing
C. Number of Jobs, Experience, Salary, and Advancement Opportunities


Professional Activities
A. Professional Organizations
B. Professional Journals
C. Continuing Educational Units


Reflection/Personal Career Plan
A. My Description to Fit in the Profession
B. Personal Career Plan



A Registered Nurse


A Registered Nurse
Job Description

Services Provided by a Registered Nurse
A Registered Nurse (RN) refers to a healthcare professional who has graduated with a
nursing program and achieved all the requirements provided by a country or any professional
council or body that issues a nursing license (Maloney, 2018). An individual who has qualified
to be a registered nurse can perform several functions within a nursing setting. Some of the roles
of a registered nurse include ensuring that all the patients' records in a healthcare facility are kept
properly for future reference, taking part in recording clinical information for various patients,
administering medication for patients and working in collaboration with other medical
professionals to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare services. As for the case of other
healthcare professionals, a registered nurse can also develop and adopt a patients' healthcare
Limits of Authority and Responsibility
There are several activities that a registered nurse is authorized to undertake though he or
she is not supposed to go beyond the scope of practice. In this case, the scope of practice
involves the roles that a healthcare professional is supposed to restrict himself or herself in.
Based on the guidelines indicated in the nursing scope of practice, a registered nurse is not
supposed to perform the roles that are beyond his her qualifications (Maloney, 2018). For
example, a registered nurse is not supposed to disclose a patient's clinical information to any
individual. Disclosing the information to another person is considered to be a violation of the
Privacy Rule.

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