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  • Evaluate public health policies and practices as they relate to legal and ethical implications for individuals and populations.
  • Analyze health needs, disparities, and healthcare delivery systems within the context of cultural, social, legal, political, and economic forces.
  • Examine the structure of the U.S. legal system and government as it relates to ethics, law, and core principles of public health.
  • Assess current legal and ethical principles and the application of such principles in healthcare practice.
  • Analyze ethical and legal dilemmas that healthcare workers may encounter in the medical field.
  • Examine legal requirements for managing patient information, health information documentation, the release of information, and electronic health records.


You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Three Mountains Regional Hospital, a small hospital located in a mid-size city in the Midwest. Three Mountains is a general medical and surgical facility with 400 beds. Last year there were approximately 62,000 emergency visits and 15,000 admissions. More than 6,000 outpatient and 10,000 inpatient surgeries were performed.

You have been asked by the CEO to create an intake packet for new patients that will help establish patient trust. Once you’ve created this packet, the CEO wants you to send an email to all hospital employees letting them know about the intake packet. You will also create a PowerPoint reviewing intake packet details for the hospital to post on its website to inform patients


This is a great opportunity to tie everything together that you have learned! Let’s break this up into 3 parts. Deep breath - it’s easier than it seems!

Part 1: Intake Packet

  • Create a New Patient Letter in a business letter format. (Here is a library resource for help writing a business letter.)
  • In the letter:
    • Explain the importance of ethics
    • Explain why each part of the packet is included and how the packet is to be used
    • Include a HIPAA/Confidentiality statement and a Privacy Pledge
    • Add a line at the bottom of the form for the patient to sign acknowledging receipt
  • On a separate page, include your reference list in APA format.

Part 2: PowerPoint

  • Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that explains the various elements of the new patient intake packet. (Here is a library resource for help creating a PowerPoint presentation.) Make sure to use the notes section below each slide to expand on the key points.

Part 3: Email

  • Write an email in a Word document that will be sent out to all hospital employees making them aware of the intake packet.  


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