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please fill in about this movie Sleeping with enemy 

 I. Introduction (word-for-word introduction with a thesis statement)

 II. Element One

   a. Element one scene one

   b. Element one scene two

   c. What this movie teaches you

III. Element Two

   a. Element two scene one

   b. Element two scene two

   c. What this movie teaches you

IV. Conclusion

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The movie sleeping with the enemy teaches us a lot concerning relationships and thus it involves a plot of an obsessive compulsive partner in a marriage. There are several scenes which depict the abusive relationship but the plot is not well developed; for instance, we only witness one instance of in scene where Julia Roberts is beaten by a husband (Patrick Bergin). The film also has a plot of deception whereby Julia Roberts fakes her death so as to escape her abusive and obsessive husband. There are several scenes which teach us different lessons such as deception or dangers of obsessive people. The movie is a thriller and has different plots with twists making the movie fun and exciting to watch.

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