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Choose one of the following questions and be sure to use THREE direct quotes from the text "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"(572) to support your thesis. (Five paragraph set up!)

1)      How would you answer the question is Google making us stupid?

2)      Carr cites a few examples from the past that relate to advances in technology; explain what the fears were.

3)      What does Carr mean when he says that the internet is changing the way we read?

4)      Why is there a certain amount of fear attached to the widespread availability of knowledge?

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Is Google Making Us Stupid? (Question 1)
The main purpose of having information on the web is to make people's experience in
browsing fast and seamless. In an article titled "Is Google making us stupid," Nicholas Carr says
that the growing use of screen-based media has brought about new weaknesses in highercognitive processes. Some of the areas where Carr believes such technologies have caused
negative impact include abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, reflection, inductive problem solving,
critical thinking, and imagination. This is making human beings shallower thinkers (Carr 13).
Many people are now relying on Google as their main source of information, and this has
substantially jeopardized their ability to come up with their own solutions to the problems that
face them in their daily lives. Based on many studies that have been conducted in the recent past,
interest in reading has also been significantly reduced. Considering that many people are no
longer interested in learning on their own without consulting Google, it would be reasonable to
argue that this overdependence will continue making people stupid as they will be incapable of
developing new ideas on their own.
As a result of over-reliance on Google, many internet users have found it difficult to read
long texts without being distracted, and they are also unable to pay full attention to whatever
they read: “The more they use th...

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