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1) Liver cells are able to regenerate many times in vivo (on the order of 34 cell divisions), but techniques to culture hepatocyte cells in vitro are still under development. Assume that we have developed a suitable growth medium for proliferating hepatocytes in culture. A.) How long would it take to generate a therapeutically sufficient amount of liver tissue (assume that 10% of a human liver mass (approximately 250 billion cells) is therapeutically sufficient) starting with cells taken from a liver biopsy? A typical liver biopsy involves a portion of the liver at tissue biopsy that fills 5 cm of a syringe that is approximately 1 cm in diameter. Assume that the hepatocytes are 20 um in diameter, 70% of the biopsy cells survive, and that the doubling time of hepatocytes is 12 hours. B.) What is the minimum number of hepatocytes that would be required to generate a cell mass the size of a whole human liver (assume 70% cell survival from biopsy)? How long would it take to produce the required number of cells based on your calculated minimum starting hepatocyte population. 2) Carefully read/reread the foundational papers by Crick and Watson and Franklin. Carefully describe the evidence for identification of DNA based on the two papers by Crick and Watson. Imagine that you could travel in time and conduct a comprehensive interview with Crick, Watson, and Franklin. What questions would you ask them?
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Cell Questions
Question 1
Lets use N = No exp [(ln2/td)t] as the doubling equation.
N si the no of cells, then we express is in terms of time.
Td is the generation time and the number of generations passed during the time interval is
ln2/td/ Here we aim to calculate how it takes to get 10% of liver mass cell beginning with one
from a liver biopsy. Note: only 70% is viable.
Td is 12 hours
N= 0.1 of 250 billion cells= 2.5 × 1010...

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