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What do you personally identify as the greatest challenge to early childhood education at this time? Which entities should accept responsibility for initiating and/or implementing a process for change in this are? What is the fesibility of this goal?

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Early childhood education is one of the most pivotal stages of a child's development as the teaching they receive in their formative years can greatly impact on how receptive they are to future tutelage and how well they fair academically. In my opinion, the greatest challenge to early childhood education is the lack of consensus on the way to teach them best. As there is such a spectrum of issues pertaining to the issue then this leads to inconsistencies in education provision and a lack of clarity over which is the best approach to take to deliver childhood education. Ultimately, the bodies and entities which are responsible for implementing a change in childhood education are the government who should outline a clear vision of what early childhood education should be like so that all education providers to stick to this. The feasibility of this is questionable as it is unlikely that everyone will agree with the government's stance and policies on early childhood education.

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