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Is there any way to reduce the risk and uncertainty for health insurance on the part of the insurer, on the part of the insured? How does risk relate to pricing of health insurance? Explain and support your position.

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There are many ways that the risk can be reduced when it comes to health insurance. But there are also many issues with the individual health insurance market as for the lack of affordability for the elderly and the one that are in poor health. Since health providers can pick and choose which individuals to cover and what to charge, there will be the issue on whether the population can or cannot afford health insurance. Or maybe even cannot find an individual health insurance plan for the individuals in the health insurance market. The realities of the individual market is that it makes a much more aggressive models to be much less likely to be successful. Even where it is available dealing with the individual market involves extra administrative costs. But the health care system cannot deny coverage to any individual who qualifies or to the disabled and the elderly. So they must be aware of that situation.

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