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What is the security requirements and policies in your company?  I am looking for specifics in terms of do you know the process to get access?  Is there a written policy regarding database access and controls?

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The security requirements are mainly geared toward cybersecurity and data access, record keeping, and privacy. 

The first security requirement is scanning the identification card upon entering campus. The card, which has a security chip embedded within, has to be scanned and show as "clear" in order to gain access inside. The second measure is to show and scan the same card upon entering the building. The building has an outside camera and scan pad that all employees need to use prior to entering, and it is the only way to be let inside.  The third security measure is to enter the same identity card into a scanner to access the computer. That is the only way that you can get online, check mail, or contact other employees. Each time the employee leaves the work station the computer will lock itself unless a password is entered. The password itself is another security method that involves the combination of a specific number of characters and numbers. Then there is the security of documents, which can only be checked out with signatures and for a limited period of time. The privacy of all employees is also secured by using initials, rather than names and last names in online documentation, and by keeping their correspondence private and not piled in a common area. 

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