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 locate electronic communication etiquette How do etiquette suggestions compare to your personal style? Why is your method effective for you? Explain.

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Because of the high volume of e-mail as well as our dependence on its reliable delivery, it is important that we observe best practices to ensure effective use of e-mail on campus in a manner that benefits all of the Iowa State University community, from both the technical and personal aspects.

When e-mail is used for large-scale distribution it has the potential to disrupt normal operations by overloading the network, decreasing the efficiency of the mail servers, or disrupting routine network traffic. Following guidelines for large-scale or mass e-mail can help smooth out e-mail traffic so it continues to flow smoothly for everyone.

The first section of this document notes existing electronic communication channels that should be used when appropriate. The second section notes best practices for e-mail. The third section covers policies and procedures for large-scale mailing. We encourage the inclusion of the best practices noted here in departmental and college guidelines.


Ensure University resources are used effectively.
Preserve e-mail as an effective communication tool.
Maintain accessibility to network by all users.

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