Auburn Consumption of Junk Food & Beverages and Poor Dietary Patterns Among Adolescents Questions

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1 Please go to the discussion board on your PPT presentation file. Review all the comments or questions left from your classmates. Write one paragraph about what the peer comments were mostly about. Another consideration can be : After your review, what would you like to improve more in your draft or slides?

here are the comments and questions, all questions and no comments, look those question and write one paragraph

what is your contribution as a college student? what can you do to promote a healthy diet on campus?
why do you care about this topic personally?

Why do you care about the topic? What is something you can do better for

Is bad dietary pattern only eating junk food and beverage?

How do you use healthy eating as a tool for social justice?

How is the topic matters to you?

What's the disadvantage of your solutions?

Can you provide any personal experience about your topic?

better to include more visual sources that represent different viewpoint.

Is there more approachable solution to the problem?

Why some measures is ineffective?

do you have some opinions on sources you choose?

can you explain more on the solutions you provide? Because you just said some keywords.


here are the question and just answer the questions, I just go the writing center and do nothing, u just need write something about the questions and related the question. Writing center is a place that tutor can give u some suggestion for your draft.

Reflect on either your tutoring consultation at the writing center or AERC writing workshop that you attended this quarter.

1. What did you discuss mainly with the tutor(s) on your writing? What were your concerns?

2. How did your tutor help you? What areas did you get most feedback from the tutors?

3. How effective was the tutoring session on your writing? Explain them with details. What things are effective and less effective?

4. What area do you find it useful with the tutoring session?

5. What were the difficulties or challenges during the tutoring session?

6. How do you feel about the communication with the tutors?

7. What would be your suggestions for your next visit at the writing center or AERC writing workshop?

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Project 2 Discussion
Question 1
The issue of poor dietary behavior is quite personal, as it affects most of my peers
in school. Generally, college students often exhibit impulsive decision-making behavior,
which is also reflected in dietary choices. I advocate starting a student-driven program to help
in creating awareness of poor eating behavior, along with the underlying health problems.
The initiative, for instance, will encourage people fighting obesity and eating disorders to
present their problems and seek appropriate interventions. The topic of poor dietary behavior
is essential, given the prevalence of food-related diseases in contemporary society. Therefore,
the study can...

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