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Does someone have to have a high degree of loyalty to a company in order to be a good leader or manager in that company?

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When it comes to being a good leader or manager at a company, loyalty to the company is less important than loyalty to good business values and ethics. In addition, some of the skills that one needs to be a good manager also naturally put that manager in conflict with the company from time to time. A good leader and manager need to focus on loyalty to the individual employees that they serve. Would you like to be part of a company where managers forget about you but they know the company slogans by heart? Also, loyalty to the company can sometimes make managers and leaders scared to try out new techniques and technologies that may go against the company, even though it is better for the company in the long run. Rebellious managers sometimes come up with the greatest ideas to save the company, even if they temporarily have to appear disloyal with their outside-the-box thinking. In addition, managers and leaders won’t be at the company forever. Eventually they may find other jobs at different companies. It would be unrealistic to expect them to maintain loyalty even after they have left. A good leader and/or manager will try to make sure he does an equally effective job at the next company with its new people, and this clearly is more important than company loyalty.

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