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h = 3a + 28.6 A pediatrician uses the model above to estimate the height h of a boy, in inches, in terms of the boy’s age a, in years, between the ages of 2 and 5. Based on the model, what is the estimated increase, in inches, of a boy’s height each year? A) 3 B) 5.7 C) 9.5D) 14.3

Kathy is a repair technician for a phone company. Each week, she receives a batch of phones that need repairs. The number of phones that she has left to fix at the end of each day can be estimated with the equation P d = 108 − 23 , where P is the number of phones left and d is the number of days she has worked that week. What is the meaning of the value 108 in this equation?

A) Kathy will complete the repairs within 108 days.

B) Kathy starts each week with 108 phones to fix.

C) Kathy repairs phones at a rate of 108 per hour.

D) Kathy repairs phones at a rate of 108 per day.

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h = 3a + 28.6
A paediatrician uses th...

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