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Learning Activity 2: Due end of Module 4 / Week 4 Background to the assignment: Who “owns” the past? Who has the right to define what the past means for us today? This assignment will ask you to reflect on these questions. In the course of this assignment, you will discover that ancient history sometimes can be very contemporary! This should remind us that the past is always present with us right now. Many of the conflicts in our world today have very ancient roots—and that’s one of the reasons why it’s important to study the past. Description of the assignment: Go online and find some information about the “Elgin Marbles” (also called the “Parthenon Marbles”). Read a little about the controversy between the British and Greek governments concerning the ownership of these marbles. In a two-paragraph essay, first summarize the controversy in your own words, and then take a clear position by supporting either the Greek or British side. Discuss two main reasons that support your position. You should not have to do extensive research or reading to complete this assignment well. Your answer should be between 250-300 words. (Include your word count.) Value = 50 points.
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