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“Budgets and Integrated Communications Programs" 

  • From the e-Activity, determine the best method of setting the health care provider’s communications budget. Explain your rationale.

  • From the e-Activity, outline the basics of an effective integrated communications program for the health care provider you chose.

    • e-Activity: Select a health care provider of your choice and use the Internet to research that provider’s communication strategy and approximate budget.

***This is a discussion, NOT a paper. Need a strong paragraph and references. *** (Wikipedia not allowed as reference)

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Communication Budget
In a hospital setting, communication breakdown is suicidal since it can lead to
increased pain for patients, wrong diagnosis and even wrong administration of drugs. Thus it
is of great importance to devote necessary resources towards achieving a smooth and prompt
communication system (Berkowitz, 2004). When coming up with a communication budget it
is important to consider the number of staff an...

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