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Discuss the following: One of the topics presented this week was the narrative essay. The goal of this discussion is to evaluate the characteristics of a good narrative essay.

As u may recall from your readings, the purpose of a narrative essay is to provide information about an event, or experience. According to the textbook, narrative essays should tell a story, include action or conflict and a possible resolution. Narrative essays can be written in the front person (I) or the third person (he/she) point of view.

Discussion Question: What do u think makes an effective narrative essay and why? Find the BEST narrative essay and WORST narrative essay on the Internet. You may use online magazines, news sites (for example, CNN) or opinion articles that are credible. U cannot use blogs or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

 In paragraph format (a minimum of 5 sentences) present yours reasons for agreement or disagreement, including any new insights into why the essay was good or bad.

Note: Because this week's lesson also address spelling rules, u should ensure ALL posts are FREE of spelling errors!

Copy and paste the link to the Best and Worst narrative essay in your discussion post.

Remember: Paragraph are at least 5 sentences, and include a topic sentence, support sentences and a concluding sentence.

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