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University of the Cumberlands Walmart Organization Financial Risk PPT & Paper

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Introduction – provide a background of the selected organization.

need at least 4 pages content excluding Introduction and reference.

  • Please write in APA Style.
  • The PPT will include the following requirements: (around 4 slides)
    • Tile slide
    • Slide with team members and IDs.
    • Describe the selected organization - Walmart
    • Discuss Risk
    • Key takeaways
    • Conclusion
  • Risk (Financial Risk on Walmart)
    • Description
    • Impact on organization
    • Recommendation on how to manage it
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Appendix (if any)

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Final Answer



Walmart Organization
Institution of Affiliation




Walmart is an American retail corporation that operates hypermarkets, discount stores
and grocery stores. It is squared in Bentonville, Arkansas and is multinational cooperation. The
founder of the store is Sam Walton in 1962, and it was incorporated in 1969. Walmart also
operates a warehouse and clubs. Till date, Walmart has had 11,503 clubs and stores in 27
countries. They work in different names. In Canada and America, the stores operate under the
name Walmart, in Central America are named Walmart de Mexico, in the United Kingdom as
Asda an in Japan as Seiyu Group. In India, Walmart stores go by Best price. Walmart has the
most significant revenue in the world, according to the listing of Fortune Global 500 in 2019. It
is also the company that has employed most people in the world. The cooperation is familyowned, and the Walton family controls the busines(Gopinath & Kalpana, 2011)s.
The Walmart Family own over 50% of the companies through individual holding and the
company Walton Enterprise holding. It was also listed as the largest grocery retailer in 2019.
Most of Walmart's sales come from America. Since 1962 Walmart has multiplied. In 1972 it was
listed in the New York's Stock Exchange. It was then the most profitable retailer by 1982 in the
United States. By 1989 it was the largest in revenue. Walmart's investments in another part of the
world have brought both profit and loss to the cooperation. In Canada, Central America, China,
the United Kingdom has been prosperous while in South Korea and Germany was not successful.
Walmart has had several financial risks(Gopinath & Kalpana, 2011). These risks may cause
significant losses to cooperation. It may also scare away investors. The association has also
found ways to deal with these losses. Sam Walmart's primary goal was to sell goods and services
at low prices and help people to save.


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