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I need a 6 page paper due in three hours utilizing the articles I provide and drawing a connection between them.

Write a 6 page paper that ‘brings it all together.’ In other words, you should draw a connection between culture, protest, and media. Your choice. 10 sources, 6 scholarly.

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Media, Culture and Protests in African American history
The media in a society has always played a crucial role in its development. The various
events and overall unfolding of history take place as a result of the press. The media not only
reports the current events but also shaped the events that could take place in the future. The
culture, Media, and Protests of the African American movement are interlinked with each
other. There were elements in the culture that helped in shaping the protests in a certain way.
The Media highlighted these aspects of the culture. This paper analyzes the role of Media,
Culture, and Protests and a bigger picture, which was formed by the unification of these
Media was an essential factor in the African American protests. There were times
when it aided in the demonstrations, and at other times, it was a detriment. FBI has launched
covert actions against the Black protests from 1967 till 1971. The activities like electronic
surveillance and distribution of material to the police acted as an obstacle in the path of
fundraising, organizing, and even recruiting more protestors. The FBI also used the media to
create misunderstandings and conflicts among the groups. They used to make fake phone
calls and provoke the demonstrators and those supporting them. It was not in the best interest
of the FBI and the government to let the coalitions of Blacks get formed (Drabble, 2008).
But on the positive side, radio was able to emerge as an essential medium of reaching
and representing the Black community. There was also commercialization of Black Media or
Black culture. This took place in the form of songs by Black Singers and about issues being
faced by the Blacks. The Whites slowly got interested in this commercialized version of the
Black culture. The white children were able to listen to this music in the comforts of their
homes without making a contact with the Blacks. But this helped in creating a better
understanding of the Blacks.



Furthermore, the publication of a book by the name of ''Black Power'' by Richard
Wright was an important development in the Media aspect of the history of African
Americans. The book described the history of the Blacks and was intended primarily for the
white audience. It asked questions like; Why Africans sold their fellows to bondage?. He
answered this with the help of a presence of spiritu...


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