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  1. Introduction
  2. Background/Literature Review
  3. Relevant Theory Exploration
  4. Findings/Examples
  5. Lessons Learned
  6. Future Research


  1. These sections may not correlate to the number of actual slides.
  2. Place no more than 8 bullet points on each slide
  3. Each team will have 15 minutes to present and answer questions.
  4. Tip: Practice your presentation prior to your team's presentation

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW 1 Literature Review Harish Anne Kishore Pocham Shiva Krishna Gollapelly Mathew Uday University of the Cumberland’s Infotech Import in Strat Plan (ITS-831-30) LITERATURE REVIEW 2 Strategic Planning of Human Resource Management in Information Technology: A Literature Review Introduction Every business organization has a unique objective, and which will be achieved when there is a combined effort from different departments. There are those with many departments, while others lie small business will have a few. The only similarity, however, is how effective the different departments work together for the benefit of the company. Human resource is one of the departments and involves handling issues that relate to the personnel in the organization. Technology has been on the rise in today`s world, but that does not beat the logic of human resource in organizations. There is still the essence of human resource, even with the increased artificial intelligence in certain companies. The best approach that can enhance an effective marrying of information technology and human resource is, therefore, to allow the two work in unison. There are many advantages that information technology brings about when it comes to human resource management (Shahreki, 2019). There are various activities, which concern human resource management, including recruitment, training, developing, and rewarding people in the organization. These processes will be effective is there is a proper use of the information technology. The only thing, however, to look into is to ensure an effective approaching when choosing the best information technology technique to employ. The below literature review will be concerned with issues information technology has brought when it comes to the efficiency of human resource management (Turulja, & Bajgoric, 2018). It will also help solve some possible challenges that occur when information technology is used from the views of different authors. LITERATURE REVIEW 3 Discussion Better services to line managers are one of the advantages of information technology to human resource management. When looking into the issues of human resource management in the organization, there is a need to involve the line managers who actively interact with the employees (Zheng, 2017). The line managers have the knowledge of what happens on the ground and therefore, will be in a better position to explain the needs of the organization. One of the major issues that line managers know is what kind of skills the company require at a particular time. They will analyze the current performance of the organization and decide the best approach to use to address the issue. With information technology, they are able to do an analysis of the current skills and the performance in the company (Ahmed et al. 2017). They also will compare the possibility of the company operating under specific skills. With such kind of knowledge, they are able to advise the human resource managers on the best ways to handle the issue. They may opt to hire employees who have the skills or train current employees. This will, however, depend on the urgency of the issue (Shahreki, 2019). Training and developing line managers, information technology tools will, therefore, prepare the line managers for a number of leadership skills. Management enhancement One of the crucial roles of human management roles is to manage the resources in the organization based on the needs of the company. There are different approaches that can be used when it comes to enhancing management. According to (Ahmed et al. 2017), the approaches will, however, differ depending on the nature of the organization and the urgency. A point to note is that different organizations will have different ways of operating, and therefore generalization should not be considered (Tomanna, et al. 2019). There are different information LITERATURE REVIEW 4 technology tools that can supplement human resource management. An example of a tool is the ‘talent management’, which helps the managers define how effective the employees are. The tool will involve a certain gauge of events whereby every employee will be tested of their efficiency. There are different ways that an employee can know whether they are functioning in the right direction or not. According to (Turulja, & Bajgoric, 2018) however, the best way is to have a specific measure or objective and analyze whether one met the requirements or not. With such an information technology tool, it will be possible to have fair employee analysis and therefore, competition. With the old model of analyzing employee performance, issues of favours were present (Patro, 2017). However, with the IT tool, it is possible to have fair awarding schemes if the organization wants to reward its employees. Engaging your employees to organizational goals is the key to the future of every business. There are different goals that every company has, and the employees should own them. That means they will be working towards a common goal, and everyone will take the objectives to be theirs. Therefore, with regard to the nature of the organization, the process will be enhanced through human resource IT tools. Effective recruiting The recruitment process is one of the essential parts of running an organization. Companies need to come up with the best candidates to ensure they operate effectively. However, that cannot be done with information technology more so when a pool of candidates is needed. Information technology has enhanced the recruitment process whereby it offers online portals for many candidates to access. As outlined by (Ahmed et al. 2017), when the portal allows many people to apply for the position, the company will most likely get the best candidate. Remember that the number of candidates who are qualified and who will see the post are many, and therefore the company will benefit from that as outlined by Patro, C. (2017). In LITERATURE REVIEW 5 the past, however, the management would only contact those people who were close to them. That meant the pool of resources and skill were limited. Information technology has therefore played a major role in ensuring the organization only employs the best candidates, which improves efficiency. Data management and critical analysis Data is an important aspect of the running of any organization. According to (Aljazzaf, 2018), there are different types of data and which the managers must rely on to make an informed decision. In human resource management, there are certain types of data, which are sensitive and therefore require effective handling. One of the issues with companies is that they do not have an effective way of handling human resource data. In most cases, sensitive or confidential data is exposed to people who should not have access to it as (Turulja, & Bajgoric, 2018) describes. This adds to the problems whereby inconveniences arise if such data is leaked. Information technology has, however, enhanced the handling of data in human resource management. There are many instances that require data analysis to be done fast. With information technology, the process will be easily handled. Issues like defining the payment of casual workers should be done through certain tools. The information technology has, therefore ensured that such problems are addressed easily and that the companies run effectively. Data is a crucial aspect and should be handled effectively if the company wants to gain the best out of all the human resource proceedings. Cost-reduction and efficiency When running an organization without technology, the combination of the processes and proceedings is hard. However, when technology is involved, the process becomes easier and therefore, more efficient. Human resource management involves a detailed analysis of the LITERATURE REVIEW 6 recruitment, training, retention, and other processes. With an effective information technology tool, it is possible to ensure that better operations are achieved. In the past, it was a challenge to combine human resource with other departments. However, with Information Technology tools, the process has become easier and which enhances company operations. There is a need, therefore, for managers to embrace issues of information technology. However, the tools used should be in line with the company`s objectives and operations. Cost-reduction will be achieved if all the processes are running effectively (Tomanna, et al. 2019). Assuming there are different departments to be involved in a project and they run concurrently. If there are no clear lines of communication, the project is likely to fail. When a project fails, it means that the company will have to invest more money to ensure all the processes are run. However, with an effective communication technology approach, the processes will run concurrently, and nothing will go a miss. Possible challenges However, despite the numerous advantages that information technology has on human resource management, there are several challenges that scholars have identified. One of the challenges is difficulties in evaluating early adoption. When implementing new technology in the workplace, there are challenges that will occur more so where detailed training is involved (Zheng, 2017). The employees may be resistant, as they will find the processes hard for them as compared to working the old ways. However, the challenges can be addressed by bringing to table the advantages that the employees will get if they completely understand the system. Training for accountability is another problem that companies may face (Aljazzaf, 2018). Remember that the process of training involves spending a lot of the company`s money. There are times the business will seem like it is not benefiting at all when the systems are being LITERATURE REVIEW 7 implemented. The best approach, however, is to ensure that the systems the company is adopting will be beneficial in the end. Proper market research should be done to ensure that all the processes are beneficial, and nothing is left to chance. It is therefore evident that when information technology is implemented in human resource management, efficiency is earned. LITERATURE REVIEW 8 References Ahmed, A., Abu-Naser, S. S., El Talla, S. A., & Al Shobaki, M. J. (2018). The Impact of Information Technology Used on the Nature of Administrators Work at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. Aljazzaf, S., Mithas, S., & Tafti, A. (2018). The Complementarity between Information Technology Management and Human Resource Management. Patro, C. (2017). Impulsion of information technology on human resource practices. In Managerial Strategies and Solutions for Business Success in Asia (pp. 231-254). IGI Global. Shahreki, J. (2019). The Use and Effect of Human Resource Information Systems on Human Resource Management Productivity. Journal of Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems, 6(5), 1-8. Tomanna, T., Gerbi, D. Y., Hossin, M. A., & Zhang, S. (2018). Impact of Information System on Transformation of Human Resource Performance: An Exploratory Study in Oromia Radio and Television Organization. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 6(01), 37. Turulja, L., & Bajgoric, N. (2018). Information technology, knowledge management and human resource management. VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems. Zheng, X. (2017, November). Research on the application of information technology in human resource management. In 2017 International Conference on Smart City and Systems Engineering (ICSCSE) (pp. 85-88). IEEE. ...
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Final Answer

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Strategic Planning of
Human Resource
Management in
Information Technology
Harish Anne
Kishore Pocham
Shiva Krishna Gollapelly
Mathew Uday
University of the Cumberland’s
Infotech Import in Strat Plan (ITS-831-30)

 Every business organization has a unique objective, that can
only be achieved by a combined effort of different
 Regardless of technology’s infusion into the workplace, human
resource remains key in handling personnel issues.
 As such, the best approach to enhance productivity is by
combining information between technology and human
 This unison approach is bound to lead to the realization of
numerous advantages (Shahreki, 2019).
 By doing so, processes such as recruitment, training, developing
and rewarding being bound to increase in optimum
 However, success is all dependent on choosing the best
information technology technique to employ

Literature Review
 Better services to line managers is one of the advantages of
information technology to human resource management.
 Involving line managers in human resource issues, is vital for they
actively interact with the employees (Zheng, 2017).
 Additionally, line managers are in a better position to explain an
organization's needs for they have the knowledge of current events.
 Information technology, enhances the capacity of line managers to
analyze the current skills and the performance in the company
(Ahmed et al. 2017).
 Besides this, IT eases comparison of the company’s possibility while
operating under specific skills.
 As such, they are able to advise...

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