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Why is the Harlem Renaissance important? How did it change African American opportunities in all areas of art, from visual arts to written arts?

Option 2

Discuss one or more of the poets we have read. You may focus on one person individually, explaining their themes and imagery, and how they express their ideas through their poetic language choices. What are their representations of African American life?

OR you may compare/contrast two poets on their themes, images, and representations of African American life. How do they compare in how they express their ideas through poetry?

Option 3

Who do you think is the most important person from the Harlem Renaissance? Include reasons and what works of theirs that you deem important.

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The Most Important Person from the Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes
Institutional Affiliation

Langston Hughes
The Harlem Renaissance shaped the manifestations and representations of black cultural
history. The period helped African American writers and artists gain control over the
representation of the black culture and experience through empowering literary work. Langston
Hughes s...

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