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Question 1 - Pretend you are a health psychologist and you are presenting information to a church group regarding medical decisions. How would you help the individuals understand the rights patients have in making medical decisions and the issues involved with medical decision making when patients are unable to communicate or decide for themselves. How could you be sensitive to the group’s religious beliefs when presenting this information?

Question 2 - Explore the religious issues that are associated with ethically challenging issues such as euthanasia, reproductive technology, and abortion. Compare and contrast the Christian perspective on these topics with another religion of your choosing.

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Question 1
Each person has a right to select his or her doctor and the form of medicine the patient would
want. The patient also has a right to see a medical doctor when he or she is sick. The patient
having a right to choose the medicine means that he or she can choose between the treatment of
illness using a predictable method that involves treatment using medications that have functions
contrary to the signs and symptoms (Allison and Sudore, 2013). The patient could also choose
treatment with the use of highly diluted components where the doctors argue that the body tends
to heal itself. Different people use this form of therapy to enhance health and treat chronic
illnesses. The other treatment a patient or individua...

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