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According to New York Times, in March 2018 it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica misused the data of millions of Facebook users in order to influence the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg denies Facebook role in 2016 election meddling, however the company role in the election is considered massively influential . Ahead of 2020 election, on Jan 7, 2020, Facebook announced to tackle disinformation in the form of fake news and artificial intelligence (AI) manipulated videos also known as deepfakes. It is obvious that Facebook is taking a proactive action in order to avoid the mistakes from 2016 election. In this case study, assume that Facebook hired you as the new chief information officer (CIO) to help the company adopt an information governance (IG) initiative in order to combat disinformation ahead of the US 2020 presidential election. Create a 3-pages written paper discussing the IT governance strategy that you will employ to help the company meet its IG objectives.

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Information Governance Best practices



Cambridge Analytica was reported to have used data from millions of Facebook users to
influence the 2016 elections. Although Facebook declined these allegations, the need for
information governance was highlighted through this scenario. Information governance
influences companies to enforce policies and procedures that manage the risk of information
ensuring that it complies with the eternal legal requirements and governance objectives.
Following this scandal by Facebook in 2016, the company has made some proactive decisions
that seek to improve the information handling of its users. As the new Chief Information Officer,
these are the best information governance practices that would be adopted by Facebook to assist
the company in meeting its information technology objectives.
Information governance involves the management of information in a company as well as
adopting strategies that mitigate the risks that are associated with this information. Facebook
deals with large volumes of information from its millions of users across the world. As the
organization deals with large sets of data it is important to conduct a comprehensive data audit.
A data audit involves assessing the data that goes through the company to determine how this
data can fit a given purpose. The organization needs to profile all their data and determine the
impact of poor quality data on the company’s profitability and performance. This will allow the
company to filter through poor quality data and encourage good quality data only for use in the
decision-making process of the company. Through an efficient data audit, the organization can
be able to implement effective information governa...

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