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‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ (链接到外部网站。)

Dance is a universal language. It can bring people together and make people feel good. It can be done on a stage, in a studio, in your home, or anywhere in the world. Watch the dance by Matthew Harding below ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ and write your response to the following questions.

What did you think of Matt’s dance? What did you think about the choreography, music and setting? What message did you take away from his dance?

What role does dance play in your life?

What do you like or dislike about dancing?

If you dance, how does it make you feel?

What kinds of experiences do you remember from your childhood about dance?

Why do you think dance is often a performance?

How are dance and identity related?

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Running head: MATT’S DANCE


Matt’s Dance
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Matt’s Dance

1. What did you think of Matt’s dance?
Matt’s dance is a culmination of the dancing shorts when Matt engaged passers-by to help
him with his funny dance (Reilly, 2012). The intention was to create a feeling of dance around
the world. Matt’s travel around the world is undoubtedly a cause of envy and admiration.
2. What did you think about the choreography, music and setting?
I think Matt’s dance is characterized by comics, especially in the movements and the music is
humorous besides his dancing all over the world. The three aspects, in this case, are harmonious
and introduce the audience to happiness besides developing a sense of humor. The audience is
envious of Matt’s experience in traveling around the world.
3. What message did you take away from his dance?
The video depicts Matt’s pursuit...

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