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Purpose and Overview

The second essay assignment of the semester asks you to make an argument based upon a claim of value. It is, of course, the second of the three types of claims you will use to make arguments this semester. Later in the semester, you will write an argument based upon a claim of policy. This assignment continues builds upon skills you enhanced in ENGL 100 F (or its equivalent): development of your ideas, research, and organization of material. A claim of fact needs factual information as support. It should also build upon some of the skills you worked on in the first essay assignment.

Background Readings (in Elements of Arguments)

American Association of University Professors, “On Trigger Warnings,” pp. 461-463

John G. Browning, “Watch That Tweet! Monitoring of Student Athletes’ Social Media,” pp. 490-492

Stephen Burt, “Why Not Get Rid of Student Evaluations?”, pp. 442-445

Isaac Gilman, “Online Lives, Offline Consequences: Professionalism, Information Ethics, and Professional Students,” pp. 485-490

Aaron R. Hanlon, “The Trigger Warning Myth,” pp. 456-460

Elise Hu, “Facebook Makes Us Sadder and Less Satisfied, Study Finds,” pp. 484-485

Alfredo Lopez, “Social Networking and the Death of the Internet,” pp. 478-481

Rebecca Shuman, “Needs Improvement,” pp. 439-442

Amy Webb, “We Post Nothing about Our Daughter Online,” pp. 482-483

Writing Task

In an essay of at least 1,200 words (about 4-5 pages), chose a topic about which you can make an argument based upon a claim of value. You may use one of the topics in the background readings listed above or you may decide to select a topic of your own.

Based upon the topic you have chosen, make a judgment that is based upon standards that measure the worth of an action, belief, performance, or object associated with that topic.

You will need to use at least three outside sources in your final draft. If you choose one of the topics suggested by the textbook readings, you may use one of the textbook readings as one of the minimum three sources. You may want to use more than one of the textbook readings, but only one of them will count toward meeting the minimum of three outside sources.

Use MLA format when introducing and citing sources, including the readings from the textbook. You will also need to include a Works Cited list that includes all of the outside sources you used in your final draft. The Works Cited list does not count toward the minimum word count.

For the Thesis and Rough Draft Workshop, you will need to have made a tentative selection of a possible topic and located at least one outside source other than the readings from the textbook. Bring your potential source to class on the day of the workshop. You should have also considered what standards and/or criteria are appropriate for making your claim of value related to the topic or issue you’ve chosen. And you should have considered what an opposing viewpoint to your claim might be.

Some notes to help you with your rough and final drafts:

  1. Choose a specific action, belief, performance, or object associated with your chosen topic or issue that lends itself to a claim of value. The more specific the choice, the easier it will be to research and discuss. Set reasonable parameters for yourself.
  2. You should probably be explicit in your essay as to the standards or criteria that you are using to make your judgment.
  3. If you are going to make a claim based upon an aesthetic judgment, be sure you understand the commonly accepted standards and/or criteria used in the field you are writing about.
  4. If you are going to make a claim based upon a moral judgment, be careful not to alienate or offend readers who may espouse opposing views on the subject.
  5. The counterarguments for this type of argument may either be using a different set of criteria or standards to make a judgment or may reach a different conclusion based upon that same set of standards or criteria.

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Final Answer

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The High Cost of Medicine in the United States

The elevating costs of medicine in the United States has attracted attention from
all corners within the country. Concern has been mounting for patients, payers,
lawmakers, regulators, and prescribers based on the continued elevation of prices.

The rationale behind elevated drug prices stems from the costs incurred by the
companies to brand their products.

Another reason why the United States has the highest drug prices among the
developed country is the freedom it has granted the drug manufacturers.

Competition among pharmaceuticals manufactures in the market has had a
contribution to the elevated prices.

To counter the concern, the sector has continuously retaliated that the prices are
reflected in the tremendous research the companies subjects themselves into. The
process of developing drugs is a futile process that requires research and

The high prices have devastating effects on the clinical and economic sectors.
Patients have resorted to cost containment practices as a way of keeping
themselves healthy.

The industry has developed various means to ensure the patients are able to costshift as a way of bending the curve. However, the practice only serves to attend to
patients who cannot meet high expenses in drugs.

Last Name 2

The people have been left at the mercy of private insurers who have elevated the
deductibles and most co-payments where a patient has to be pay coinsurance for a
certain drug.

The patients with no other option have been forced to turn to manufacturers'
attempts to circumvent higher prices through the introduction of coupons.

Additionally, the citizens are forced to engage themselves to lenders as a way of
getting sufficient finances to sustain their health.

In conclusion, high drug prices only serve to disadvantage the majority in society
while the minority enjoys to their fullest.

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The High Cost of Medicine in the United States
The elevating costs of medicine in the United States has attracted attention from all
corners within the countr...

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