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Select 1 alternative of "Officer involved shooting" :

What major points are argued by proponents of this alternative position? Explain in detail.

      • What major points are argued by proponents of this alternative position? Explain in detail.
      • Conduct research on this alternative position and evaluate the arguments.
        • Do the arguments hold any merit? Why or why not?
        • What policies currently exist that support these arguments? Explain in detail.
        • Which position is more significant for improving the current state of the criminal justice system? Explain in detail.
  • Remember to use academic and scholarly sources to support your arguments.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Officer-Involved Shootings – Alternatives
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The gun is considered the ultimate symbol of a police officer. Law enforcement
officers and military service groups are the only ones allowed to bear lethal firearms as part and
parcel of their daily equipment and are held accountable to use their judgment and discretion in
making split-second decisions that require the use deadly weapons or measures in the line of
duty (Miller, 2006). There are numerous instances of an officer-involved shooting, and such has
been the subject of debate. According to the National Violent Death Reporting System, there are
1.6 deaths in one million people every year, according to the data collected between the years
2005 to 2011 from 16 states (Ridgeway, 2015). This shows that there should be alternatives to
officer-involved shootings. This paper evaluates one of these alternatives based on its merits and
currently existing policies that support it.
One of the alternatives to officer-involved shooting is establishing standards and
reporting instances of the use of deadly force. Proponents of this alternative position argue that
the law enforcement department should authorize the use of deadly force exclusively when there
is an imminent threat to the life of another person or of an officer’s, and such force is considered
to be unavoidable. They also argue that an officer’s calc...

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