URP 4120 FAU Urban Design Tactics Implementation Strategy Questions

URP 4120

Florida Atlantic University


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Individual Assignment #3

URP 4120 Planning Implementation Strategy

Due Date: 3/24/2020, 6:30pm

10% of the total grade

In this assignment, please answer the following questions using your own words:

  • Briefly define at least four of the urban design tactics for retrofitting as listed on Page ix of the textbook (Dunham-Jones & Williamson, 2011). (2%)
  • How does suburban form differ from urban form regarding land uses, housing, transportation, and urban design, etc.? (Page xxvi of the textbook) (2%)
  • Briefly explain the housing types and their characteristics in seven transect zones. (Pages 36-43 of the textbook).(3%)
  • Briefly summarize the shopping center definitions based on ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers). Based on the definitions, what type do you think that Town Center Mall at Boca Raton falls into? (Page 61 of the textbook).(3%)

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URP 4120 Planning Implementation Strategy

Briefly define at least four of the urban design tactics for retrofitting as listed on
Page ix of the textbook (Dunham-Jones & Williamson, 2011)
4 Urban Design Tactics for Retrofitting

Considering future connectivity as well as adaptability- A Re-inhabitation
strategy reusing of the existing structures is adapted for better community-serving
purposes and social interaction. When the connections for the desired street is not
achievable due to NIMBY concerns or other barriers on the original retrofit
construction and design, easements for the future linkages should be provided. If
the proposed densities, as well as the parking decks, cannot be applied for parking
lots, this can be designed for buildi...

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