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Southern New Hampshire University Recording Studio CSR Addendum Paper

Southern New Hampshire University

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My business is opening up my own recording studio

In today's business world, the application of corporate culture, social responsibility, ethics, and values to business practices is vitalthe music industry is no exception, and we live in an age of consumer awareness and concern over leadership approaches and responsibility. (The digital age has further ushered in an environment of unparalleled consumer awareness and preferences.)

Music industry businesses, organizations and players must be able to balance the tension between upholding personal ethics, leadership and corporate ethics, decision-making and sustainability.

For this assignment, you will create a corporate social responsibility (CSR) addendum for your music industry business plan. The CSR addendum will include a brief discussion of the mission, vision, and values of the company; the impact of trends in corporate culture and social responsibility on business ideas; and the potential ethical or regulatory issues that affect the related music industry sector and leadership's decision-making and ethics responsibilities. The CSR addendum will conclude with a discussion of the best potential outcome of the company's CSR efforts and the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for the company.

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Running head: CSR ADDENDUM


CSR Addendum
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CSR Addendum
I am planning to open a recording studio. The company will embrace corporate social
responsibility, ethical practices, and comply with industry and government regulations and laws
(Spence, 2016). The name of the company will be Angel recording studio. The mission of the
company will be to deliver high-quality music to our clients through performance opportunities,
lessons, and mentorship. Furthermore, t...

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