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^ This is the case

1.Go through the case very quickly the first time, asking yourself the following questions:

  • "Why is this case significant?"
  • "What is the case really about?"
  • "What types of information am I being given to analyze?"

2. Reread the case very carefully, identifying key facts as you go. Identify the key players. Try to put yourself in the position of these key players and develop a sense of involvement in their problems and issues.

3. List the critical problems and issues. This is easier said than done. Often what initially appears to be a problem is actually a symptom of an underlying problem. The key issues are often hard to see at first but it is important for you to clearly identify the fundamental problem(s) and issue(s). Reduce the list of issues and problems to the three most important. This will make the case analysis much easier and drastically reduce the size of your problem and issue list. Then review the case again, sorting out the relevant considerations for each problem or issue area. Ask yourself, "What has been done right and/or wrong? What should or should not have been done?" Develop a clear statement for each critical problem and issue and justify why these are the most important ones the manager or organization has to face. Remember this is organizational information systems class so don't get side tracked into other areas.

4. Develop a set of realistic recommendations for addressing your critical issues. This must be supported by the analysis of case. Justify these recommendations; demonstrate how they will solve, mitigate or address the problem and issue areas you have identified; and consider how your recommendations can be implemented.

5. Case analyses should be a maximum of 2 pages in length unless directed otherwise. Your write-up may take whatever form you wish but it must be well organized, clearly state and discuss the problem and issue areas you have identified, discuss and justify your recommendation, and present a realistic approach for implementation. Make sure you have done an analysis of the key issues presented in the case and make sure that you have answered the questions. Rehashing the case and/or listing numerous minor details is not acceptable, nor is restating the case author's conclusions.

Remember that you need to focus on the organizational and issues in the case; in other words, don't turn your assignment into a computer systems technology analysis.

A format that seems to work very well for many students is:

  • Brief statement of purpose, identification of key players, and listing
  • Clear statement followed by justification of importance and
  • Clear statement followed by justification of importance and
  • Clear statement followed by justification of importance and discussion
  • Integrate the material you have presented for your critical issues. Develop a clear and justifiable overall course of action for the key players to take.

of issues

Key Issue 1


Key Issue 2


Key Issue 3

Conclusions and Recommendations

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Numerous already established organizations or startups are opting for Cloud computing
expeditiously due to the low costs, faster deployment, and design of products associated with
migration to the cloud. These merits have been termed as beneficial changes in management in
organizations' production lines for planned products or existing ones. Cloud computing has been
a boost to fast data collection and analysis, allowing for relevant changes to software from the
user's perspective. With the efficiency and perceived modifications as pros of Cloud computing
comes significant issues and problems at an organization's level as highlighted in the case. These
include organization innovation since companies do not consider the risks associated with the
execution, the lack of availability of trained human capital since there exists only a few experts
acquainted with the concept and flexibility due to bursts and sudden influxes of data since most
organizations often lack infrastructure to a...

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