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Watch the above video. Once you have done this click on the above link “Invisible Hand DB” and create a thread with at least two paragraphs containing the following following:

    • Based on how “Greed” is portrayed in the video do you believe it can provide benefits to society?
    • Give a personal example of something you do for your own best interest that also benefits others. Alternatively, give an example of something you have done that only harmed others. Are both “Greedy”? Do you see a difference between “Greed” and “Self-interest”?
    • Do you believe love and kindness would produce the same level of output in a society as “self-interest”? Why or why not?
    • Would you consider a business owner attempting to hire workers at a lower wage greedy? What about a worker attempting to get a higher wage from the employer?
    • By going to school and getting an education you are likely to significantly raise your income, do you believe such an increase in your income will take income away from others? If yes, than why would you do such a thing? If no, how can one person’s income go up without someone else’s going down?
    • After you post your narrative,replyto at least two other students comments. Explain why you agree,or better yet,find others that take a different position and explain why you disagree.

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Invisible Hand Discussion Board
In the video, greed is portrayed in a way that suggests that people's self-interests make
them choose to cooperate with each other, manufacturing and producing things that are
essential in helping another individual that they do not care about. All that people care about
while working in the farms or in factories or companies is their self-interest; their ability to
make more money, live luxurious lives or take care of their families and loved ones. Generally,
the video suggests that the thing that drives people to work harder is greed. From this
perspective, I believe that greed can provide benefits to society. The example given in the video
of how beef is generated from the farms, packaged in factories and transported to New York
ensures that the people in New York who do not have access to cows can enjoy the meat
provided tot them from...


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