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Community Analysis Paper-

Social workers should develop a thorough understanding of community structure and dynamics before actively intervening in a community. They develop understanding by gathering information from a variety of sources, and by critically analyzing the information. Careful analysis of community data provides an essential foundation for intervention. When you complete this assignment, you should have identified barriers, problems or concerns that will benefit from intervention.

The student is expected to:

1. Select a geographic community for study, using guidelines discussed in class. MSWK 6661- Social Work Practice with Groups, Communities and Organizations Page 11

2. Prepare a community profile, using, at a minimum the contents of your community plan. Use written and other information obtained through interviews with community residents and/or leaders.

3. Be sure to gather information regarding diverse populations in the community, including characteristics such as age, race, sexual orientation, ability levels, income levels, gender, ethnicity, and religion. Possible sources for this information are: city government, county government, local planning council, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood associations, public library, and local newspapers. Students should also talk with people who live and work in the community.

4. The student can use photos and maps to illustrate issues in the community. For example, photos of the schools, churches, hospitals can indicate the major institutions of the community. The photographs must have captions to illustrate issues and demographics.

5. Be sure to identify the area of concern you would like to focus on in your “Community Intervention Proposal” paper.

6. The assignment must be 5 pages (excluding title and reference page) of double-spaced, typed content. If you are using pictures they must be on a separate page (with heading and information about picture) after the page of content addressing the picture. Each section will be discussed in class to assist you in writing your analysis. Writing style tips and required reference style are found in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (5th Edition).

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Community Analysis: Memphis Community




Memphis Community
Memphis is a city located in the southwestern part of the state of Tennessee in the United
States of America (USA). It measures 76 KM2, which makes it the 20th largest city in the USA
(See Appendix 1) (Memphis Population, 2020). Hence, due to the large size of the town, it is
evident that planners and state administrators are required to ensure that the resources in
Memphis, such as infrastructure, are evenly distributed. Besides, the population size of the city is
estimated to be 650,618, and its metropolitan area has about 1.33million people (Memphis
Population, 2020). Even though the population is not very massive compared to other cities such
as New York City, administrators have the responsibility of ensuring that the needs and interests
of all American citizens living in Memphis are adequately met without straining the available
According to the American Community Survey (ACS), Black Americans make up
64.22% of the total Memphis population, making them the majority of people living in the
region. They are followed by White Americans, who make up 29.08% of the population (see
Appendix 2). Asian Americans living in the area make up 1.56%, while Native citizens make up
0.21% of the community. Other races account for 4.93% of the population (American FactFinder, 2020). This data shows that there is an uneven population in the area, which may affect
the representation of minorities in the political sector of the community. Also, 7.7% of the
Memphis population is made up of children with five years and below, while 25.2% are the
people between five and eighteen years. Besides, 54.8% of the population is made of people
between eighteen and sixty-five years, while 12.3% are citizens who are above sixty-five years.

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