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As you read the novel, be aware of how Conrad uses repeated "doubling" patterns of opposition and contrast in Heart of Darkness: light and dark, white and black, "savagery" and "civilization," outer and inner? What does Conrad accomplish by highlighting the contrasts? Compare each of the pairs and explain their significance throughout the .

What does Marlow mean early in Part 1 when he suggests that women are "out of touch with truth" and live in a beautiful world of their own?

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Must have read Heart of darkness

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Heart of Darkness
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Conrad’s use of doubling patterns
Much of Conrad’s imagery in the book “Heart of Darkness” is presented in form of
contrast. For instance, civilization vs savagery. Conrad infers that civilization is realized after
setting laws that encourage the people to achieve a higher class. Civilization acts as a safeguard
for preventing people to revert back to their dark tendencies. The society seems to confine these
savage tendencies but does not get rid of them. An example of a tendency of reverting back to
savagery is seen in Kurtz....

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