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writing question: why did both Chopin and LaPlante set their novels on a body of water ? how does water inform both novel of "The awakening" and "half moon bay" one quote from each novel. (two and half page)

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A Bit of Water Half Moon Bay Pages 36-38 Let’s start our virtual discussion with where our class is headed: Writing Question: Why did both Chopin and LaPlante set their novels on a body of water? How does water inform both novels? Think. Think. Think…. The quotes that we will be exploring can be found on pages 36-38. Interesting stuff; one could use this to answer the essay’s writing question. Right? Here we go: From page 36. “One week after Heidi’s funeral, Jane encounters unexpected traffic on her way home from work. Driving north on the usually empty Route 1, she pills up behind a long line of cars stretching at least a mile ahead. As she inches closer, she sees that a large crowd has gathered at Surfer’s Beach, one block west of Jane’s cottage. She has to wait ten minutes to turn onto the street, obstructed by gawkers as drivers pause to stare at whatever is causing the snarl. Jane gets a glimpse before she turns the corner. An astonishing sight. A whale beached itself on the sand. People in official-looking emergency vests are gathered around it, with yellow police tape keeping the crowds at a distance from the huge grey mass. An alien in their midst” (La Plante 36). Ellipsis, shown above, by the way, are used to show the omission of writing. Right, Oliver? I’m using ellipsis to show that I’m skipping a section of the reading. From page 38. Can you believe this? he asks, pointing to the whale. It tower over the heads of the people in the crowd. But as Jane and Adam walk closer, Jane can see that something isn’t right. On the whale’s side are splashes of color, lines, and loops of red, blue, and green. Some asshole, says Adam, Last night. At first Jane isn’t sure what he’s talking about, but now she can that WE’RE ALL FUCKED has been spray-painted on the whale’s enormous side. A majestic creature turned into a platform for obscenities. A smiley face has been added on the creature’s tail. Who could have done such a thing? Jane asks. Adam shrugs. He seems to taken it in his stride. She would have thought it would have insulted his sense of cosmic justice. It’s worse than you think, he says. The whale was still alive. The rangers had put wet blankets on it and were coming regularly to hose it down. They hoped it would go out in the second tide today, which is going to be a high one. But whoever did this also poured water into the whale’s air hole. It drowned” (LaPlante 38). ***Note: LaPlante uses italics to show dialogue. Normally, quotation marks are used. I find LaPlante’s use of italics for dialogue interesting and creative. Check This Out! ...
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Paper on Two Novels
The awakening novel was set in the nineteenth century on the grand isle by Kate Chopin.
The novel setting is in the water body, where it starts on Grand Isle and moves to New Orleans.
Kate Chopin sets her novel on the sea to symbolize the act of freedom and escape. She believes
that the water body will provide a large area that Edna will show her strength and braveness
(Chopin, Kate 73). Similarly, the novel half moon bay by La Plante was set in the half moon bay,
which is a body of water because he considered the place to be safe. Nothing practical happens at
the water body, and the spot was safe away from violence. There is a lot of security as police are
in the area. According to the novel, the author says that you can find one approximately every 400

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