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In this assignment, select three dates of importance to you from the Today in History of Psychology Calendar.

Using the attached worksheet, provide a summary of the event (minimum word count 150 words). Then identify and explain 3 examples of how each event influenced the current practice of psychology (each example minimum word count 150 words). You may consider using the following sites for your examples:

Association for Psychological Science

American Psychological Association

Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

enlightenedPlease include a minimum of 4 academic resources, one of which may be your course textbook. These sources should be cited in APA format.

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February 12, 1809

Summary of

On this date, a special occasion occurred in Shrewsbury, whereby Charles Robert


Darwin was born. Everybody knows him to be a naturalist who traveled all over the

(150 words)

globe in the year 1820 in a ship, namely Beagle. It is from this voyage that Darwin
established the facts for his theory of Natural selection/evolution (Allen 2018).
Evolution explains that humans, together with animals and plants, undergo evolution
and adaptations in life for survival. In his theory of evolution by natural selection, he
describes the most adapting species survives in the environment while the weak
ones become extinct. The surviving species will reproduce to young offsprings for
continuity. Darwin changed humankind’s perception about life on earth that
everything was static and enlightened humans that evolution is real. He further
educates that plants, animals, and human beings had evolved in the recent past and
will continue to change even in the future. Darwin also published his book, On the
Origin of Species, when he reached the age of fifty.

Influence in

1. Charles Darwin's theory on the adaptations of human character towards the real


world through the expression of nature is evident in our modern society. This is

(150 words each)

evident from the article "Expressing Anger and Altruism on Facebook" as it displays
different types of emotions such as anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, and fear, as

described by Charles Darwin. In his book "The Expression of Emotions in Man and
Animals," he elaborates extensively on each emotional state that is likely to be
displayed by humans from a certain degree of emotion (Association of Psychological
Science 2020). Using Darwin's perspective on emotions, the current world mimics
the theory by creations emoticons that represent different emotions expressed by
humans. Researchers have kept a record on the frequency on which emoticons are
used in social media platforms such as Facebook to describe various emotions. The
introduction of these expressions by Charles Darwin helps people to communicate
without non-verbal means.
2. Charles Darwin's theory of selection has been of significant influence on the
modern world, as it has helped people understand and research the various
evolution and social changes of humankind. From the article "Good Reads: The Ape
that Understands the Universe with Challenge and Delight Readers of all Stripes,"
Stewart Williams compares and explores the relationship between the theories of
evolution and socialization. It is evident that Stewart side more on the evolution
argumentation as Charles did (Association of Psychological Science 2020...

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