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Course Learning Reflection (worth up to 250 + 5 bonus points)

Please begin by identifying three large ideas or concepts from the class that you found interesting /provocative/revelatory/worthy of remembering. Each of your three 500-word reflections should fall into two parts:

Part A (250+ words): Carefully identify/frame this idea (as if explaining it to a friend). Why did you find it important (i.e., why do you choose it)? Did it reinforce or contradict your previous thinking? Please specifically reference one of the course readings in this portion.

Part B (250+ words): How would you connect this idea to any of the course learning outcomes (pop culture as a reflection of social/historical context; the relationship to a commodity culture; assumptions of embedded race, class, generation, and/or gender)? How might you fit these new or reinforced understandings of pop culture fit into your life? Please include both general and specific examples of resulting thinking and/or behavioral shifts.

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Three broad ideas are notable from the class readings. They include the deceiving nature
of nature and untrue promises of materialism, the white supremacy using and controlling hip hop
to put people of color down continuously, and lastly, a repeated false becomes and facts in the
minds of the audience. The three ideas will be discussed separately.
Deceiving nature and untrue promises of materialism
Part A: Contemporary society has made us believe that material possessions will
automatically make us happy and healthy. People work hard to be financially stable and possess
assets while ignoring simple things such as love, excellent relationship, ethical behavior, and
humility because they have been made to believe that is where true happiness lives. I consider it
crucial for people to realize that though material possessions are essential, they are not the only
ingredient to a happy and healthy life. There are instances when one will have all the wealth but
lacks peace and hurt inside. Thus, we should at least strive to balance all ingredients to a happy
life to realize the quality of life. I was a victim of such harmful beliefs before coming across this
piece of writing, which has changed how I currently view life. The American Beauty presents
Carolyn one of the most 'successful' women in the story (Brittany & Fredonia, 2002). She defines
success as possessing assets, big career and big houses. Mendes tries to be affectionate with her
and shows her that they can experience passion. On the contrary, Carolyn is too obsessed with
her couch that he fails to notice this and tells her that the couch is costly. She even yells at her for
not realizing her success. The text reads, "Carolyn yells at Jane for not appreciating the life she
has (meaning the possessions she owns.)" Carolyn curses and thoroughly abuses herself
physically and mentally when she does not succeed in selling a house. Is this the definition of
being happy? I believe this is one-sided happiness that risks life, particularly when one fails to
achieve. If Carolyn had a good relationship with others while possessing and having her great job


as a house agent, she would find comfort some else after failing to sell the house. One-sided
success is like one who has one source of income. You will temporarily be safe because one
blow, such as sacking, will finish you and send...

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