De Anza College Jordan hall artwork at Stanford University Analysis

De Anza College

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De Anza College Jordan hall artwork at Stanford University Analysis
De Anza College Jordan hall artwork at Stanford University Analysis

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Analysis of the Jordan hall artwork at Stanford University
The way of life, in terms of culture, politics, economic and social organization, is defined
so much in architectural artwork. This is an appropriate medium that is expressive of the cultural
adaptations, technologies and styles used by a group of people from where the architectural art is
derived. Literary, architectural structures are meant to provide shelter for humanity, workplace
stations, without forgetting storage facilities. Nevertheless, the architectures are equally
important in representing human minds in the different front of the living ass stated above.
Traditional architecture has been in survival for a long time and has remained relevant to viewers
and community owners because they hold a societal meaning and importance to them. Thus,
architectural art is important in the sense that it is insightful in demonstrating the changes that
have taken place throughout time, with the development of art in different artistic movements.
Most probably, technology can be mentioned as the main factor that drives through
contemporary architectural artwork. There are more ideological expressions that go beyond
technology in the latter artworks. The prevailing political, economic and social factors of the
time when a contemporary artist is developing an artwork are also main factors that contribute to
their works. In this case, contemporary curators who have developed artistic works in Stanford
university buildings have been profiled within more specific intentions as to why they develop

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such artworks. The Inverted statue of L. Agassiz, is an architectural, artistic work within a rich
history of the Stanford University, more inclined to the world biology and natural sciences.
Within different contexts, the artworks, both from the traditional and co...

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