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Coca Cola Financial Analysis

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Paper requires only 3 pages: 1 page of analysis, 1 page tables/charts, and 1 reference page.

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What: Financial Analysis of 1 publicly-traded company along with 3 competitors from the same industry • Brief overview of the chosen company • Insights from a financial perspective • Insights about the financial health of the firms Scenario: ✓ You are the financial manager. Using the appropriate financial ratios, what is your assessment of the overall firm? Recommend your strengths, weaknesses, where to improve and how to do the improvements? ✓ Comparison between the ratios of the chosen company and the 3 other competitors (Use Morningstar to find ratios: the more current, the more realistic). Hint: You are to present rational and coherent arguments as to why the company is “good” or “bad”; meaning you should be explaining the importance of the ratios and what they mean. Utilize financial statement ratios for the firm, the competitors, and any other relevant information you see fit. Format: Pages: APA format for in-text citation but paper is single-spaced, links to sites are reflected under Reference section of the paper. Reinforce your discussion using tables and graphs to show your discussions. Maximum of 1 page for discussion, 1 page for tables and graphs. Reference Page not included on page count. ...
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Coca Cola
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Coca Cola is a multinational company that has a dominant market share for nonalcoholic drinks. It was founded in the year 1886 and now sells its products in over 200
countries. The company has over 500 non-alcoholic brands to its name, with most of them being
sparkling beverages like Fanta and Diet Coke. Also, it owns various still beverages such as
energy and sports drinks, enhanced waters, among others.
Assessment of the company
Based on its current ratio, 0.7567, it is evident that the company can settle its short-term
liabilities using its current assets. However, when compared to its closest competitor Pepsi, its
capacity to repay its short-term obligations is lower because Pepsi has a current ratio of 0.8624.
Based on gross margin, Coca Cola seems to be doing much better than all the other comp...

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