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This is a written assignment that you must conduct exploratory research on how the government internalizes negative externality (you only need one market or one product or one activity).

Recall negative externalities occur in many markets; for example, oil production, manufacturing, transportation, and smoking, etc.

Please make sure that:

1. You clearly identify the market (product or activity) that causes negative externalities, which means the negative externalities must be also well defined. These could be shown with good statistics and proper in-text citations (and references.)

2. You are to write a summary of the policy implemented in the market of your choice. Again, properly if you use any direct quotes or statistics from the sources, you must cite the sources properly.

The research should not exceed 2 pages (double-spacing), excluding the abstract and reference page, and you must have at least two outside sources for your writing. A successful paper requires you to perform research, craft an argument, and cite references to support your statements. I might ask for you to show me the sources you use, so please have them available.

This is a class in economics/social science, so I would like you to use an APA formatting style.

A few notes about APA formatting style

  1. Double-spacing on the title page and in the body text
  2. “References” page to cite sources at the end of the work
  3. Works cited is last name, first initial (for example, Mateer, D. & Coppock, L. (2017). Principles of Microeconomics (2nd). New York. W.W. Norton.)
  4. Refer to authors by their last names only.
  5. Use past tense verbs when discussing a source's statements or data, because the source was published in the past.
  6. Write out numbers one through nine, but use numerals for numbers 10 and higher.
  7. Use the percent symbol (%) instead of the word “percent” when discussing statistics.
  8. More information on how to cite the references can be found follows the link. (Howe Center for Writing Excellence) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
  9. Make sure that you properly cite your sources, especially, in-text citations. Penn State library also has good examples, here (Links to an external site.).
  10. The most used site for APA reference is the Purdue Online Writing Lab. (Links to an external site.) It should have everything you need to know on how to use an APA style to write and format research papers.

second part(one page)When hiring employees companies use both internal and external recruitment. Share what you think are the benefits and drawbacks are for each type of recruitment strategy for the employer and potential employee.

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Negative Externality
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Negative Externality

Externalities in economics refer to the benefits or costs received or incurred by the third
party who has no control whatsoever on its creation. There can be negative or positive
externalities, and the benefits and costs can occur to both organizations and individuals that
consume or produce goods or services. Most externalities are technical and have a significant
impact on the opportunities for production or consumption among unrelated third parties.
Pollution that results from the production of oil by industries is an example of a negative
externality. This research paper explores the ways on how governments internalize the negative
externalities in oil production.
Governments and economists interested in environmental protection always aim to
internalize the external benefits and costs to make the industries and individuals who create
negative externalities include them in decision making. Producers do not always take
responsibility for any external damages which impact society, especially when there is no
regulation in the market. Most operations and activities, including transportation and
manufacturing, rely on oil products such as petroleum. However, the social costs of producing
oil outweigh the private costs, which make it a negative externality. Oil producers always cut
operational costs to increase their profits by using machines and equipment that cause harm to
the environment. Some of the negative externalities that result from oil production include
environmental pollution, economic costs, security risks, and health risks such as illnesses and
injuries (Soto-Onate & Caballero, 2017). The environmental contamination resulting from the
activities of oil production leads to adverse effects...

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