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  • Clearly identify the vision/mission of the company. If the company does have a vision/mission statement, evaluate its effectiveness (does it address all the components we discussed in class that a vision/mission should?). However, If the company does not currently have a mission statement, note that as a weakness. You should plan to write one for the client and include it in the recommendations section.

General and qualitative statements must be supported by specific data from your research and you must cite the source of your supporting data using APA style. The source of your data is not the web site address.

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Tampa Theatre Internal Analysis

Built-in 1926, Tampa theatre presents an epitome of satisfaction and unlimited
entertainment for all lovers of film, music, and other artistic events. Like other famous movie
places in the country, Tampa Theatre was most prominent when it first opened. Visitors and
travelers to the place can enjoy a beautiful view of the sky above as well as the twinkling stars in
an opulent setting. The Theatre had a Mediterranean setting complete with artifacts representing
the same style and also included old world statues as well as gargoyles and flowers. It has an
exciting story to tell for its current stature in society. The Theatre almost faced collapse in the
1960s. It is tied to the fact that the television had been widely accepted at that point. People were
also moving to the town suburbs. Costs of running the places rose, audience numbers continuously
dwindled, and other competing movie theatres were demolished (Bart & Tabone, 2008). The
Theatre stood through all this. Citizens of the place rallied themselves, management committees
were formed, and local leaders got involved, in a bid to save the gem, that for long had been a
darling to the people and a solution for cheap romantic and celestial getaways for the common
man. Most people held lavish parties in the courtyard ranging from graduations, weddings as well
as reunions, of course, with a little company of music and excellent food.

To this day, the Theatre still exists and is managed by the Tampa theatre foundation, a
nonprofit establishment meant to maintain and ensure the conservation of the Tampa Theatre and
its surroundings. It is still one of the most utilized places of its opulence in the USA and hosts
several functions and events such as educational programs, musical concerts, classic films, and
corporate events. The Theatre has been supported by its vision and mission, to achieve its
objectives and targets as well as expectations form the community. The mission is to "protect,
preserve and program the Theatre as a creative film and cultural center for our community" (Tampa
Theatre, 2019). This has catapulted the passion and drive of the Theatre to achieve what has been
up to now termed as an absolute success. The mission statement is usually tied to an organization’s
values and serves to ensure the achievement of such values. Tampa Theatre has achieved the same
values through the use of its mission and vision. This paper describes the validity of the Tampa
theatre mission and the role played by the mission in achieving the purpose of the establishment.



From the mission, a theatre is a com...

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