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Literary Analysis Essay Project

Literary texts present opportunities for a reader to collaborate with the author on devising the

meaning of the text. It can be said that the significance of a text (what is interpreted) is actualized

through literary devices (what is analyzed), however, meaning is ultimately determined by the

reader’s experience and understanding of the work. Critical frameworks help open a literary text

to interpretation by focusing particular ways of thinking in order to develop a literary



: Compose a literary analysis focusing on one of the last three book-length texts read in

the course (

Poems of the Black Object


Giovanni’s Room

, or

Last Words at Montmartre

). Use the

same critical framework utilized for the first literary analysis essay in such a way as to build

upon your previous efforts, refine your understandings of the framework, and improve on

mistakes identified by instructor feedback. Continue making use of analytic references to the

literary features of the text as support for the development of your literary interpretation.

Questions to Consider

: Consider the following questions as a guide to help orient to this


How can I build on my understandings of the critical framework to establish a closer and

subtler reading of the text?

How will this new literary text require an adaption of the critical framework to develop

new literary interpretation?

How can the instructor feedback on the first essay project be utilized to help refine my

analysis and interpretation?

What literary passages support your interpretative claims?

Evaluative Criteria


Thesis statement reflective of a unified interpretative claim

Careful use of a given critical framework for development of ideas

Well-organized body paragraphs (TEA/PIE structure)

Compositional balance between analysis and interpretation

Quotations or paraphrases from source text

MLA format

5-6 pages, double-spaced, 12 point standard font

Essay Draft Discussion

Use this forum as an opportunity to socially reflect on the progress made on the essay project so far. Consider the following questions to help move from the first project into the second more strategically:

  • What feedback comments and insights formed from self-reflection are useful to consider as you work on the second essay project? How might you approach this project differently given some of what you learned from the first essay?
  • In what ways are you adapting your approach to the critical framework? What insights have you developed about the critical framework?
  • What questions remain about the critical framework? What sources of confusion or difficult persist that make it difficult to perform an analysis?

Send me an e-mail with one focused question developed from this forum in addition to responding to two peers' posts in ways that deepen, refine and extend their thinking.

Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

Final Answer


Surname 1
Student’s Name
Literary Analysis
Literature becomes more interesting due to the use of literary devices. As a result, authors
focus so much on the use of literary devices as they intend to interact with their audiences
through their texts. Literary devices alongside the themes help the author to attain his or her
objectives. in this context, the focus is on James Baldwin’s book Giovanni’s room. Baldwin’s
text is among greatly liked books during its time. the author utilizes various literary devices
and to present his theme to the readers. Besides, Baldwin is very keen in the manner in which
he chooses his characters. They a perfectly fit into the role they play right from the
protagonist and others. the text, Giovanni’s Room contains several subjects where shame is
the central subject. people who have already read the text have come up with various
thoughts and feelings about the text in terms of sexuality. This paper therefore provides a
detailed analysis of Baldwin’s use of literary devices in his story Giovanni’s Room.
Giovanni’s Room text begins with a stately tone which later in the text becomes hushed with
a lot of confession being made. Besides, at the beginning, the story introduces us to David
and his fiancé Hella who he confesses that he didn’t love after they broke up. As a result, he
then recalls Giovanni, an Italian man who he had fallen in love with at Paris. The texts insists
of David’s unending love for Giovanni, though David proclaims that he had no ability to
express the feeling a reason as to why could have led to Giovanni’s imprisonment and
execution. Further, David recalls his first sexual encounter with a man, this time a teenager

Surname 2
by the name Joey. The text tells that the two had good times, kissing and makinh love.
However, David could not withstand that since he felt if he continued with the attraction to
Joey then he would be threatening his masculinity. He also believes that his attachment to
men would heartbreak his dad. As a result, he takes a back seat in most of the things he does.
David continues to feel guilty of his actions and tries to imagine how he would upset his
father if the actions come out to light. He spends lots of time with his friends drinking and
having all other kinds of fun others which are immoral. At one points, he crushes his car, a
reason as to why his dad asks Frank to talk to him and advise him about life.
After the talk, David chooses to embrace his dad by joning the army. Still, in the army he
engages in a relationship with the another soldier. The engagement didn’t last for long before
the two being realized as being gays. The incident leads to firing after which David chooses
to move to Paris to avoid the pressure from his father. At Paris, David becomes bankrupt and
recalls a wealthy old man ...

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