Summarize how administrative agencies can help a school superintendent of the la

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Summarize how administrative agencies can help a school superintendent of the largest district in the state. What can he learn from administrative agencies? How is it of value?

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The Primary role that local school boards played in performing educational changes such as student testing and graduation requirements, some critics have striven the traditional leadership and policy-making roles of local school boards have been compromised by bureaucratic intransigence, a tendency to micromanage school system operations, and divisiveness brought  by special interest groups.

The primary responsibility of the local school board is to make policy for the sound operation of the school district through local administrative agencies. State statute law typically needs that the local school board authorize the district's budget; build long-and short-term goals; build educational objectives, performance indicators, and pupil assessment systems; and approve effective curricula and standards for student achievement.Models of decision-making emphasize inventing, developing, and analyzing possible solutions before selecting a particular course of action. Selecting a possible course of action is informed by the judgment of the decision maker, the analyses of the alternatives on a logical or systematic basis, and the political bargaining process. A major criticism of decision-making in the context of local school boards is that adequate alternative solutions are not always considered in the decision-making process prior to drafting policies. 

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