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You are the network administrator of a regional bank based in Jeddah. Your team has been faced with hackers intercepting the bank’s website and customers’ mobile application information. You need to develop a strategy using security best practices to protect the customers’ data.


Write a paper that includes the following:

A description of the major security concerns for web or mobile application development,

A detailed explanation of the security measures you would incorporate to transmit data, and

Assessment of the security measures needed to be considered and implemented to ensure the proper authentication and authorization.

Keep in mind, we are most interested in your ability to describe the SDLC stages and the steps you would take to enforce security during each stage. Use diagrams, where appropriate.


Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.

You must include a minimum of two credible sources and information from the module to support your writing. Your paper must follow APA style guidelines, as appropriate.

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Authentication Techniques
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Authentication Techniques
The increase in the use of technological approaches has also led to increased cybercrimes
cases. The cases cannot be ignored since they can be critical to ban the extent of driving to the
downfall of an organization. Resultantly, the software development life cycle entails designing,
developing, and testing the software to ensure it is validated and meets the minimum qualities of
quality software. Working in a bank can offer one experience of how awful hacking can be. The
clients of a bank in Jeddah have been experiencing the challenge of hacking. Hacking can evoke
many inconveniences. In order to protect the clients, the bank should implement the multilevel
security model as the primary approach to authentication.
Description of the Major Security Concerns for Web or Mobile Application
In order to acquire the necessary approach in handling any cyber-attacks and any
inconvenience caused by hackers, the developer should understand the problem itself. As a way
of increasing the efficiency in the banking services, most of the banks have implemented the
mobile banking where the clients do have to rely on visiting the bank premises (Trnka, Cerny, &
Stickney, 2018). Instead, the clients create an account through which they can access essential
services such as withdrawal, transfer, and loan services. The current security is the interception
of the bank’s website and the clients’ mobile application information.
Most of the ban...

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