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Hello I have an Excel file for Walmart from for Financial statement for the past three years i need two papers analysis my findings on excel also Discuss the current in your challenge for Walmart with the new Coronavirus

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Consolidated Statements of Income USD ($) shares in Millions, $ in Millions Revenues: Net Sales Membership and other income Total revenues Costs and expenses: Cost of sales Operating, selling, general and administrative expenses Operating income Interest: Debt Capital lease and financing obligations 12 Months Ended Jan. 31, Jan. 31, Jan. 31, 2019 2018 2017 $ 510,329 4,076 514,405 $ 495,761 4,582 500,343 $ 481,317 4,556 485,873 385,301 107,147 373,396 106,510 361,256 101,853 21,957 20,437 22,764 1,975 371 1,978 352 2,044 323 Interest income Interest, net Loss on extinguishment of debt Other (gains) and losses Income before income taxes Provision for income taxes Consolidated net income Consolidated net income attributable to noncontrolling interest (217) 2,129 0 8,368 11,460 4,281 7,179 (509) (152) 2,178 3,136 0 15,123 4,600 10,523 (661) (100) 2,267 0 0 20,497 6,204 14,293 (650) Consolidated net income attributable to Walmart Net income per common share: Basic net income per common share attributable to Walmart Diluted net income per common share attributable to Walmart Weighted-average common shares outstanding: Basic Diluted Dividends declared per common share $ 6,670 $ 9,862 $ 13,643 $ 2.28 $ 3.29 $ 4.40 $ 2.26 $ 3.28 $ 4.38 2,929 2,945 $ 2.08 2,995 3,010 $ 2.04 3,101 3,112 $2 Year 2017 2018 2019 Cost of goods sold (million $) 385,301 373,396 361,256 Year 2017 2018 2019 Net profit (million $) Year 2017 2018 2019 Long-term debt (million $) $42,018 $36,825 $50,203 Net profit (million $) $ 510,329 $ 495,761 $ 481,317 $ 520,000 $ 510,000 $ 500,000 $ 490,000 $ 480,000 $ 470,000 $ 460,000 2017 2018 Other factors Operating income (million $) 25,000 20,000 Billion USD Year 2017 2018 2019 Income before income taxes (million $) 21,957 11,460 20,437 15,123 22,764 20,497 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Long-term debt (million $) it (million $) 390,000 380,000 370,000 360,000 350,000 340,000 $60,000 $40,000 $20,000 $0 2017 2019 2018 2019 Other factors affecting financial performance (million $) 25,000 20,000 $ 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Operating income (million $) 2017 2018 Income before income taxes (million $) 2019 Cost of goods sold (million $) 2017 2018 2019 12 Months Ended Jan. 31, 2019 Document And Entity Information - USD ($) Document And Entity Information [Abstract] Entity Registrant Name Entity Central Index Key Current Fiscal Year End Date Entity Filer Category Document Type Document Period End Date Document Fiscal Year Focus Document Fiscal Period Focus Amendment Flag Entity Common Stock, Shares Outstanding Entity Voluntary Filers Entity Small Business Entity Emerging Growth Company Entity Well-known Seasoned Issuer Entity Current Reporting Status Entity Shell Company Entity Public Float Mar. 26, 2019 WALMART INC. 0000104169 --01-31 Large Accelerated Filer 10-K Jan. 31, 2019 2019 FY false 2,869,684,230 No false false Yes Yes false Jul. 31, 2018 $ 126,810,267,035 Overview This is like the real world where, as part of job interviews, executive and senior management candidates may be given access to company financials and the CEO, CFO and/or board of directors may ask the candidate questions as to what they see in the financials and what would they do to improve the company's standing. For your project, the years you choose should be guided by your prior research which indicated the challenges of the company. So, if the company went through some difficult times during the 2007 recession, you might look at a financial snapshot from 2004 and another from 2008 or 2009 to see the impact of the down cycle in the business environment. Or, if their operations underwent a significant overhaul in 2014, snapshots might be taken back in 2012 (before) and again in 2017 (after) to see what the effects were on the balance sheet, the income statement and the return on capital investments. As an additional consideration, if one of the challenges you found was your company has lagging sales performance relative to its industry rivals, a smart action on your part would be to look up the data for at least one sample year of the rival, choosing also the data for the same year for your company to give an "apples-to-apples" comparison financial data for comparison. This comparison would show how a competitor organization in the same economic environment was able to perform, relative to your selected company. Assignment Deliverables: • Students will upload for this assignment an Excel workbook with the financial data formatted for ease of viewing and indicate via cell color or other formatting techniques those financial indicators and/or trends of interest to the company's strategic challenges. Indicators could be in the areas of financing such as leverage, inventory, operational costs, or marketing-related such as declines in sales, etc. • • Graphs/charts requirement: from data in the bullet above, students will isolate key factors such as cost of goods sold , net profit, long-term debt or other factors affecting financial performance and graphically show how the strategic issue they discovered shows up in a financial or operational measure. • • Students will also include a 1-2 page Word document summarizing briefly their initial findings from the previous "historical and current challenges assignment", then explain the key findings from this financial review and make sure to reference specific evidence from the Excel document you will be uploading. We are all living through a black swan event (see pgs 40-41 in your text, as a start) in the current global pandemic of COVID-19. The lock down of whole cities, the shuttering of businesses and the restriction of travel are all having a dampening effect on the global business environment. A White House official recently warned of the possibility of up to 20% unemployment due to these unprecedented factors ( (Links to an external site.)). As part of an updated PESTEL review, are political leaders, in the U.S. or elsewhere, planning changes to help mitigate the impacts? There are many possible questions that could be explored, including the real possibility of a global recession. Each of you is doing a case study on a business and from a strategic perspective, I'd like to hear what the current and future possible impacts might be on your business of interest. Has your company communicated its adjustments? Is your business providing services and goods virtually and maybe has an unforeseen advantage for this type of situation (like Amazon, Zoom and NetFlix), or does it largely depend on physical foot traffic (i.e. like Walmart and Target)? Regardless of their "normal" business model, is it adapting to these changes to better navigate the downside risk? Also, as I was answering a student's question this morning, I thought to again reiterate the need in the upcoming financial analysis portion that the main product I'm expecting is not the Excel sheets you've downloaded from the SEC website. Those are simply the source documents. The product should be products of your analysis, likely charts and graphs that communicate something of the strategic situation of the company and how it is doing. It would also be helpful, as applicable, to compare some of its performance factor(s) to the same factors of one or more of its major competitors. ...
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