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Gross Negligence in Nursing Liability in Emergency Departments Discussion

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* Write 5 pages using the APA format for health care professionals. The title page and reference list are not included in the number of pages. The APA format is a guideline for scholarly written documents and is the format you will be using as you continue your education in healthcare.

* The basic APA documentation and format is acceptable for this assignment. Jane E. Aaron, Essential Handbook for Writes has the basic concepts included for APA. ISBN # 0-321-20-257-0 is another example. (Attached)

* Complete a reference list with at least five professional, researched based references in APA format. Web sites such as Mayo clinic, WebMD etc, are not professional references for college papers.

Gross Negligence: An extreme departure from the standard of practice for RNs. An extreme departure means the repeated failure to provide the required nursing care or failure to provide care or exercise precaution in a single situation which the nurse knew, or should have known, could result in patient harm.

For this essay I would like examples given about nursing negligence in the hospital and how it was taken care of (consequences, how it was dealt with, the outcome).

1. Definition of gross negligence.

2. Description of five consequences of the issue

3. Citation of the data from five scholarly sources to support importance of the issue

4. Addressing the challenges and consequences of being negligent.

5. 1 or 2 strategies to solve the issue

6. Your personal thoughts on the severity of the problem as your introduction and your personal recommendations on how to solve the issue as your conclusion

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Outline for gross negligence in nursing
In this section, an overview of the gross negligence issue is discussed as recommended
In this section, an introduction is made regarding gross negligence and the issues that pertain to
the same.
An Example of gross negligence
In this section, a reflection and narration has been made regarding a case of gross negligence
involving a registered nurse.
Five Consequences of the Issue
In this section, the consequences of the gross negligence has been discussed.
Addressing the Challenges and Consequences of Being Negligent
In this section, the mechanisms of addressing the consequences and challenges of being
negligent are discussed.
Strategies used to solve the issue
In this section, the strategies of solving the issue has been discussed as required.
In this section, a conclusion and recommendation regarding nurse gross negligence has been
discussed precisely.
In this section, the sources used to substantiate the work have been enlisted.


Gross Negligence in Nursing
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The paper discusses gross negligence and the challenges associated with it. With a
reflection on a scenario of gross negligence, the paper focuses on the way the incident happened
and the things that could be done in preventing the case. The paper also describes five negative
consequences of the case, strategies of solving such occurrence if they can occur in the future.
Also, there is a reflection on the recommendations and solutions that are possible in case such
happens and causes adverse happenings contrary to expectations.
Gross negligence in nursing refers to a situation whereby a registered nurse (RN) carries
out activities that are against the professional standards and expected scope and role in healthcare
(Yuan 2013). Usually, the gross negligence causes harm to the patient and reduces the quality of
care hence messing up the situations and limiting the nursing care outcome. The nursing process
involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation, and diagnosis. A gross
negligence act usually involves deviating from the normal nursing process and engaging in
unethical practices that alter the expected healthcare outcome (Balestra 2016). Gross negligence
is harmful and results in adverse healthcare states that make the situations unbearable for the
different people involved, such as patients and other healthcare personnel. In every means
possible, it should be eliminated to create a chance for evidence-based nursing to be practiced.
An Example of gross negligence
As a student nurse practitioner, I had a chance of going to a hospital setting and doing the
nursing services to practices as per the requirements of the curriculum (Yuan 2013). In the
hospital, the student nurses usually work under the supervision and instruction of registered
nurse practitioners (RNP) and operate to discharge duties as required. I witnessed a strange case



whereby a registered nurse was assigned a responsibility to care for a patient with paralysis and
could not turn or make any meaningful body movements. Since the nurse had a chance of
helping the patient, she ignored regular turning of the patient for one week and only focused on
the administration of parenteral nutrition and oxygen therapy with medications as per the daily
The patient developed pressure ulcers after one week and the situation because worse
when the bedsores got infected (Yuan 2013). The act was out of gross negligence, and the nurse
was to blame for the action and the challenges that were associated with the unfortunate act she
caused. In the healthcare setting, quality services are recommended by the Institute of Medicine
(IOM), and it involves assessment of the patient’s conditions and offering the best services to
reduce the chances of infections and other issues that may limit the quality of care hence
reducing the necessary care outcomes as recommended (Balestra 2016). The nurse, therefore,
committed a gross negligence action that made the patient developed bed sores contrary to
expectations and needed steps in the medical care settings.
Five Consequences of the Issue
The first consequence of the gross negligence of adverse health outcomes for the patient
since she developed pressure ulcers that exacerbated the condition (Alison 2019). As a paralyzed
person, skin integrity was at risk, and adequate care was required. The development of pressure
ulcers resulted in a worse state that limited the quality and expected healthcare that was needed
for a qual...

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