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Teachers are lifelong learners and reflective practitioners and are continuously learning from their students, peers, communities (local, state, and national groups), and through advancement of education. It is important to begin developing a professional growth plan to prepare for your future after this program.

For this benchmark assignment, you will create a professional growth plan that outlines your goals for 3‐5 years after you complete this program. Complete the "Professional Growth Plan Template" to include a goal, plan/steps, and rationale for each of the following areas:

  1. Ongoing collaborative learning through professional development in the field of early childhood education (e.g., professional development opportunities and/or educational conferences in your school, district, or state)
  2. Ongoing learning through personal reflection (e.g., your teaching experiences, exposure to young children and families, a personal journal, meeting with a mentor teacher)
  3. Ongoing learning through advancement of education (e.g., master’s degree, national board certification, reading or gifted endorsements)

In each section, align your goals to a state requirement, professional/ethical requirements, and/or your own ongoing learning interests.

Additionally, in 250‐500 words, include a rationale why this growth plan will ultimately serve to maximize learning outcomes for young children. No plagiarism

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Final Answer


Professional Growth Plan Template

Ongoing Collaborative
Learning Through
Professional Development

Ongoing Learning Through
Personal Growth

Ongoing Learning Through
Advancement of Education

To be in tandem with other
teachers or colleagues by
developing skills together through
working in groups.

Expand skill and knowledge base in
early childhood education for
better outcomes.

To keep my knowledge and skills as
an early childhood educator up to
date to ensure that I continue to
work legally, safely, and effectively.

Participate in collective designing
of teaching methods in place of
Seek and provide peer feedback
and collegial support.
Meet with parents
Coordinate team procedures and

Keep a journal of achievements
and failures based on initial
objectives of joining the field.
Design strategies for accomplishing
unmet objectives.

Complete an advanced degree

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