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  • Provide an essay discussing your perspectives. Focus on your own connections between theory and practice.
  • Discuss the ways in which understanding big data and data analytics principles either impact your current work or your career aspirations.
  • Minimum word count = 1250
  • Minimum cited references = 2
  • APA style format

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Big Data Analysis and its Impact
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Big Data Analysis and its Impact

Big Data analytics is emerging as an essential practice that is being adopted by many
organizations to construct valuable insights. The organizations understand that the analytic
process has the potential to improve operational efficiency, increase revenues, and gain a
sustainable competitive advantage. The various theories and methods of clustering,
regression, decision trees, and time series analysis are capable of analyzing the most complex
and large amount of data. This, in turn, can help the companies to make strategies and take
actions that are far ahead of the times.
The fundamental aspects of Big Data Management and Analytics
Big Data is sometimes described by the 3 V's of volume, variety, and velocity. The
main characteristics of Big Data are that it is a high volume of data. It can include billions of
rows and millions of columns. Secondly, Big Data consists of a large variety of data. These
can be from a variety of sources, formats, and structures. Thirdly, Big Data is a high-velocity
data. It has rapid data ingestion and near real-time analysis (Baesens, 2014).
It is essential to understand the various things that can be done with a large amount of
data. The first one is collective intelligence. This uses inputs from large groups to create
intelligent behavior. The second one is predictive analytics. This is the various algorithms
that can use data from the past to predict the future. The third is Machine learning, in which
the programs can learn ...

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