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  • Discuss the ways in which understanding big data and data analytics principles either impact your current work or your career aspirations.
  • Minimum word count = 1250
  • Minimum cited references = 3
  • APA style format

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Understanding Big Data
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Understanding Big Data

Big data entails a large portion of raw data which first collected, then stored and finally
analyzed through different means which can be used to increase the level of efficiency and also
make informed decisions. Analytics of big data is usually a complex process of evaluating varied
and large sets of data or even big data with the aim of uncovering information, for instance,
unknown correlations, hidden patterns, customer preferences as well as trends in the market which
can an organization in making informed decisions in their business. Analytics of large data makes
it easier for an organization to harness its data and then use it in identification of new opportunities.
This then results to a high levels of smartness, increased efficiency when it comes to operations
and notable customer satisfaction. This paper examines ways in which understanding of big data
as well as principles of data analytics either impact on the current work or career aspirations.
An increased demand in professionals. Big Data Analytics will turn out to be a profession
in which the expertise will be highly demanded. Consequently, the possibility of professional
opportunities is expected to keep growing in the coming years. Descriptive statistics, Predictive
Analytics, as well as Prescriptive Analytics are the primary forms of job opportunities in Data
Analytics that will be mostly in demand. A clear focus on a niche will be valuable in mastering
and gaining a competitive edge in particular areas.
Faster and better decision making. With the high speed of Hadoop as well as for analytics
that is based in the memory, joined with the capability to analyze various new data sources, on can
analyze data immediately and make informed decisions basing on what they have learned. This is
attributed to the fact of working smarter and not harder. In the data-driven era careers, when you
work smarter by use of data analytics, this creates you the room for a very competitive advantage.
Research estimates that jobs that make this a priority to realize and analyze corresponding data



could generate a lot of billion dollars in productivity. Analytics of big data helps one make
decisions that are smart and quickly allowing one to discover disruptive opportunities in an event
they arose. This in itself means connecting real-time streams of data, which calls for a level of
discriminating high-quality data form poor quality one. On a broader perspective, technologies
and techniques of data analytics of the best means for analyzing sets of data and therefore drawing
informed conclusions concerning them, which in turn helps professionals to make the best
decisions ever.
Big data also has a considerable impact on facility optimization, which is often used to
save as much energy as possible. Embedding of sensors in critical points throughout a given office
can aid in detecting the areas of the premises that are frequently used at a given the time of day.
Big data in electrical components can be used in automating power on or even power off where it
is needed. The sensor...

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