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Review the Blanc (2019) article in your required readings. For this assignment, discuss the importance of becoming a learning organization specifically as it relates to sustainability. Using your current organization (or one you have experience with) evaluate their efforts, or what their efforts should be to become a learning organization, in maintaining a learning organization and discuss areas where there are opportunities for improvement. Be sure that you accurately answer the following questions in your analysis:

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Learning Organizations
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Learning Organizations

Many companies are known to have a hierarchal system whereby the roles are divided
among the employees, with each reporting to higher ranked staff. Often, this system is effective
in enabling the implementation of the company’s objectives through allowing each individual to
be responsible. However, this structure is being overtaken by time as the rising customer needs
and competition among firms are forcing companies to take a different approach. Instead of the
former system where individuals point fingers at each other, a more collective approach is being
adopted whereby each person is held responsible. This is through the creation of a learning
environment in the institution where any occurrence is identified, analyzed, and corrective
measures taken collectively by the company’s employees without necessarily involving the top
leaders. The system has effectively enabled the companies to make massive strides towards
achieving the set objectives amid the constant competition from other emerging companies and
the rise of alternative products.
Supporting A Learning Environment
Creation of a learning environment is a crucial process that needs to be accompanied by
measures that will ensure that the proposed ideas are supported in the long run. Companies have
been keen to create this environment and also deliver techniques of ensuring that the changes are
not one-off measures that weaken over time. Primarily, the company has to ensure a complete
overhaul of the approach towards various aspects such as products, marketing techniques, and
customer handling, among other issues (Blanc, 2019). This means that firms that deal with
numerous products and services need to be specific about the key things that they should pursue
and what should be left out. This move enables the company to increase its focus on the

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