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KSU Types of Threats on Networks and Various Means of Securing Networks Discussion

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Microsoft Windows computers can be very useful by themselves, but they are far more effective when they are able to communicate with one another. In an essay, address the following:

Discuss the techniques that many organizations use to ensure that their Windows networks are secure.

Additionally, examine how to connect computers together without risking your organization’s information to loss, alteration, or disclosure.

Provide an example of how each principle of the CIA triad can be used to secure the network.

Provide information from your readings to support your statements.


Your well-written essay should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages, incorporating at least two academic sources in addition to the case study. Cite all sources and use APA style, citing references as appropriate.

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Final Answer


Windows Networks – Outline

Techniques that many organizations use to ensure that their Windows networks are
A. Put In and monitor firewall performance
B. Updating passwords regularly
C. Maintaining anti-virus software
D. Creating Virtual Private Network (VPN)
E. Training workers on the use of Window networks
F. Asking for help


How to connect computers without risking organization’s information to lose,
alteration, or disclosure
A. Computers are grouped in line with those that organization trusts, those that are
untrusted, and computers organization is unsure of during operation.
B. Computer networks are split using guest access
C. Computers are split using network and firewall


Example of how each principle of CIA triad can be used to secure the network
A. Confidentiality offers different regulations that tend to limit admission to data
B. Reliability focus on assuring that the data is accurate as well as trustworthy.
C. Availability work by guarantee of reliable access to data by authorized individuals



Windows Networks


Windows Networks

Techniques that Many Organizations use to ensure that their Windows Networks are
Various organizations utilize different techniques in ensuring that their Windows systems
are protected from attacks and remains available to perform their appointed tasks. The
organizations incorporate all layers of security and the complete networking life cycle in
protecting window networks (Wadhwa, 2017). Most organizations secure their window networks
to avoid different threats such as theft of intellectual properties or private information. Moreover,
underlying infrastructure of windows of various organizations is secured against service
disruption together with service theft. Securing of windows involves securing application traffic
as it transverse networks. However, there are ranges of best practices that organizations use to
secure window networks that they use (Javaid, 2018). Some of techniques that several
corporations use to guarantee that their Window systems are secured include the following.
Put In and monitor firewall performance
Many organizations implement the use of firewalls as a set of software or hardware
appropriately designed to block unauthorized access to Windows networks and other computer
programs. Organizations implement us of firewalls to aid in controlling incoming as well as
outgoing network ...

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